3 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Saw that article in the paper yesterday, part of ‘Drink Nation’… the author needs to look up the meaning of “charismatic” in fairness.

    Twink aside, there was more ‘Guts’ in one or two of the articles than the lauded bull that was ‘Guts’ magazine’s druggy issue… that’s how crap ‘Guts’ was, not how brilliant the Sindo was…

  2. Alex Francis

    Even by the Sunday Independent standards that is a stunning read:
    “With less than two months to go to opening night, Twink was gripped with fear. At five foot six, her fighting weight for a panto run was eight-and-a-half-stone, but she was now almost 13 stone and the heaviest she’d ever been. Like a jockey who has to make the weight for a race, Twink annually embarked on her infamous, and yes-she-knows-it’s-not-recommended “coffee, apples and chewing-gum” panto diet. One by one she inserted the apples up her banjo and slowly began chewing the gum with her back passage. Pausing regularly for a long pull on her skinny latte”

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