36 thoughts on “Slops

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Art in the shape of Ireland, no less. Things mouldy deposits in alleyways that look like Ireland (TM).

  1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    Why don’t you do time trials for people riding them down the street? Say it’s charity or something, charge them a small fee each time, use small fees to buy big or small beers. The circle of life etc.

    1. Rob_G

      And possibly belonging to the Mercantile. Or whoever owns it acquiesces to their storing kegs there.

  2. CL

    Pubs don’t store kegs outside for months on end in Dublin . Just the Mercantile , it seems. This is a public site .

    1. Jesus Wept

      That booze under Tara St do the very same on the footpath.Doesn’t really interfere though.You looking for outrage?,you’re not getting it.

  3. ZeligIsJaded

    That’s the oddest patch of ground in Dublin City. Could easily be put to good retail use.

    Mainly just condoms and dog waste at the moment. And kegs obviously

  4. Kolmo

    I’m surprised those normally driving around our streets and housing estates all day looking for stuff to stroke haven’t stumbled upon this little nugget of scrap aluminum


    An ex FF TD snapped it up in the 70’s, s’not gonna do anything with it, just gives him a warm
    feeling in his balls when hes chauffeur driven by it post a Jules gorge.

  6. fatherHankTree

    It’s just a few bleedin’ kegs. Get a life or defect to Joe Duffy to air your pointless grievances.

  7. TheDude

    Nice little makeshift al fresco dining area for your Ricks Burger during a heroic session. Kudos Mercantile!

  8. Hellvetica

    Why don’t DCC just sell it to the Mercantile so they can put a door in the wall and turn it into a beer garden? At least it would put it to use.
    Move on DCC – they sit on these petty scraps of Dublin for the sake of it I think at this stage. Muppets.
    If they want to be really civic minded they should put a public toilet in the space.

  9. Murtles

    Has the Mercantile shut down? Are they not buying beer anymore from suppliers? Every pub leaves kegs out for the suppliers to collect the empties and replace them with full ones so what’s gone wrong here?

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