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The Irish Mail on Sunday at the weekend

You may recall a post from yesterday about Fine Gael’s Brian Walsh.

It explained that, if the former TD’s application for early retirement – on grounds of ill health – was granted, he could start to receive his pension now, instead of waiting until he is 66.

This is despite Mr Walsh, who didn’t contest the general election, previously promising that he wouldn’t draw down the pension before he reached 66.


The Irish Mail on Sunday reported at the weekend that Mr Walsh has already been granted permission.

John Lee and Valerie Hanley reported:

The Oireachtas this week refused to say if the early retirement on grounds of ill health pension had been granted. But a source this weekend confirmed that it had.

Ordinarily, the former TD would be entitled to a pension at 66 years of age, calculated on the basis of his service. As he has served five years, this would amount to around €900 a month.

Under the early retirement scheme, as well as getting his pension 23 years early, he has been credited with ‘notional service’. This is based on the assumption that, but for his retirement due to illness, he would have won at least one more election. As a result, he will receive 10 years’ service – that’s around €1,800 month. Over 23 years this amounts to a pension fund worth about €500,000.

There you go now.

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41 thoughts on “Life Of Brian

    1. Robert

      No better but quite different. As a “high earner” he is now the darling of the exchequer, is a member of the class of 5% who pay 90% of the tax, and is a capital flight risk, so must be protected at all costs. Also he is protected by contract law so he’s untouchable whereas the dole-scrotes can have their entitlements revised at any time. Also quite likely his free money will empower him to get more free money too.

        1. Neilo

          It’s more like the 5% PAYE cohort earning over 100K pay 45% of the entire tax and USC tax, if I recall correctly. There have been no reductions in the USC reduction for these higher earners.

          1. Robert

            so if there’s been no reduction in the reduction that means there has in fact been a reduction?

        1. Anomanomanom

          Don’t be that guy. BS is not the place for grammar and il be fupped if I’m going to correct my autocorrect/spelling thingymijig all the time.

      1. Cup of tea anyone?

        Just cause it is legal does not mean it is not corrupt.
        It was set up by the those in charge to benefit those in charge.

        It is a corrupt policy and so those who benefit from it is also corrupt.

        He did 5 years in a job. If he is sick let him take sick leave.

        1. Nigel

          I’ll concede the point, because when it happens at the level where the make the laws the line blurs. Can’t wait for all that Dail reform we were promised and which was such a hot topic during the recent election!

          1. LW

            “The decision will be made by Labour’s Brendan Howlin, the ceann comhairle Seán Barrett and the Seanad cathaoirleach Paddy Burke, who are trustees of the Oireachtas pension scheme.”

            Would that push it into corruption, when it’s members of the government making the decision to give a free ride to one of their own?

          2. Nigel

            Technioally it would depend on the laws and guidelines, wouldn’t it? Personally, I think the major thing here is the vast disparity with how he’s being treated and remunerated versus everyone who, as is being said, doesn’t get to vote for their own pay rises.

    1. Disasta

      Join the club, disgusted.
      The people who administer that pension system need replacing.
      Beyond a joke.

  1. phil

    I would have been one of those people who would have looked back at the leaders of the 1916 rising as terrorists , nothing to celebrate there, if they had hung on a few years home rule might have been possible , and the majority of the people in Ireland were never going to support them.

    I have however recently begun to understand why violence was necessary back then and who knows what the future will bring , but I know one thing for sure, I wont be throwing tomatoes , the tomatoes will be thrown at me….

    1. Robert

      Yeah it just dawned on me the last few days that it wasn’t necessarily just the english they were seeking freedom from …

  2. Eoin

    No such thing as ‘dole for life’ anymore. It’s dole for a year then onto Jobsbridge for some slave labour. I sure wish I could draw a pension at 43. TDs are a parasitic class all unto their own.

  3. 15 cents

    theyre a different breed these politicians. i have diverticulitis and i still play rugby and work a job that is regularly stressful and high tempo.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    “This is based on the assumption that….. he would have won at least one more election”

    That assumption is a very telling. It illustrates the attitude in Government to the electorate. It suggests the outcome of elections is predetermined.

    The ‘family seat’ so to speak. Entitled, not democratic.

    1. LW

      Disgusting as I find the whole affair, the assumption he might have won another election might be justified, FG returned two in that constituency

  5. ollie

    What I find really galling is that this person would have gotten his pension at age 66 in 2039. How come the rest of us will have to wait until we are 68 to claim a pension from 2028?

    These people really are parasites.

  6. Junkface

    The usual corruption in Ireland. Bloated Pensions seems to be the main goal of Irish politicians

  7. 15 cents

    i encourage everyone who finds exception with this, to tell him so on twitter … on the very slight chance that he ever looks at it. probably has an admin person runnin it.

  8. DubLoony

    I presume that he is so ill that this will be his only source of income for the rest of his life?
    That should he recover his health, that the pension wold actually be stopped?

  9. Funster Fionnanánn

    Don’t be jealous of the free gravy.
    Get your own gravy.
    That’s the Irish way.

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