Anything Good In The Economist?


Double hop!

Neil Houlihan writes:

Article in the Economist about how China is trying to take over soccer has a picture of the chairman kick balls in Croke Park!

I’m not sure if this is an off-side or a square ball?

Thanks Neil

Patriotic Goal (The Economist)

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23 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Economist?

  1. rugbyfan

    ever try heading one of those O’Neills.footballs. do it once and you’ll learn why you shouldn’t use them in a game of association football.

      1. Mikeyfex

        Took one to the top of the ceann unexpectedly as a 7 or 8 year old down at the GAA pitch. Kicked by none other than my own aul fella training the older kids by kicking it as high as he could for them to catch. Good thing I’ve forgotten about it. Forgotten about what? Exactly.

  2. eviloftwolessers

    Xi Jinping keep a copy of that picture in his office, according to the article

  3. Digs

    It’s essentially a football he’s kicking. GAA football is just a really childish made up version of soccer, designed to show the empire how cutting edge we were at making up a sport. In reality it’s just the bastawd child of soccer ball!

    1. rugbyfan

      Ok, I think its a great game but prefer hurling however, I think it’s strange how the O’neills ball has never evolved. The balls used in soccer and rugby have evolved from he clumps of leather to efficient pieces of kit.
      Is it because it would go against tradition?

      1. Mr Cabratastic

        I don’t think they are as heavy as they used to be (I’m a semi retired Junior B -Half back)
        Still a hard enough baxtard on the right peg to kick when wet though

        1. rugbyfan

          yup, remember kicking a size 5 one as a 10 year old with my adidas littbarski boots…
          went to take a point but luckily the ball was too heavy and it dipped under the post for a goal!

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