11 thoughts on “Forward Ferret

  1. Joe

    In Prague once eating lunch by a fountain… Lady arrived with a ferret on a lead and let it off to swim around in the water, odd sight at the time.

  2. Brian S

    one of the friendliest and nicest animals out there, along with rats. very intelligent, but ridiculously mischievous, they would wreck your gaff just out of boredom. They also stink.

  3. Fairhill

    Had some rodents under my deck, when I was buying some poison, the sales assistant suggested helpfully, “what you need is a ferret”. Walked away thinking how ridiculous
    About a month later went to visit friends whose daughter had got a pet ferret, yes they smell, yes they destroy, yes they get lost and you have to look for them. Ideal pet if you want your house to smell, and you want to spend your time looking for them and having your stuff wrecked

  4. h

    They are sooo cute when they run and that noise they make when they get excited is adorable! They also eat their babies – be warned!

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