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White Line Fever – playing Cork, Galway and Kilkenny this month

Here’s what you may need to know…

01. Named for an apparent lack of focus that afflicts long-distance truck drivers (and the Peckinpah-esque truxploitation flick of the same name), Cork’s White Line Fever trade in a proggy, post-rock-inflected strain of folk rock.

02. 2014’s Anomie EP set the tone for their current live show, a concise, yet polished two-tracker that they’ve used as the foundation for their current live sound, to be heard on their upcoming follow-up.

03. Streaming above is the band’s most recent video, Lordship & Bondage, filmed and recorded live at Youghal’s Claycastle Studios, and mastered by Murdock man Aidan Cunningham.

04. The four-piece is playing the rest of a series of spot-shows with alt-rockers Harbouring Oceans and singer-songwriter Míde Houlihan throughout March, hitting the Crane Lane Theatre in Cork on the 18th, and the Brewery Corner in Kilkenny on the 26th. The band also plays Galway’s Citóg night at the Roisín Dubh on the 23rd.

Verdict: Minimalist, yet somehow massive, the band’s recorded output and confident live excursion so far bode well for the future. Check ’em out.

White Line Fever

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7 thoughts on “You May Like This: White Line Fever

  1. human

    Bad RadioHead impression……. How can you have a name that references cocaine and then make the most tepid music imaginable

  2. James Boone

    Saw these guys in Dublin last week and was blown away! Great live show! Delighted to see they have an E.P out

  3. Joanne Car

    Saw them in Cork a few months ago in the Poor relation. Suprisingly big and heavy sound during their set think it was the 96/1 thing

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