How’s Your Day?


Anon writes:

Deirdre  is the D in the D versus Ireland case

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43 thoughts on “How’s Your Day?

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      Letter templates are generally justified as above cause I don’t know, it’s the rules.

      1. Ultach

        The fourth button along on the paragraph section on the home ribbon in MSWord is where the fully justified option lives. Justified left is the first button. Also, rhetorical questions followed by an answer in politicians’ communications really get my goat. Too reminiscent of sixth form (that’s year before leaving cert for you southies) debating club. But hey, can we blame them? Yes!
        (Rant not aimed at yerself, Dón)

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          Sixth form is about Ronan’s level to be fair

          Something something right to life, something something I touched a girls’ boob once

          1. Ultach

            Just for the record, I did not write “A right breast so” in reply to Clampers. “Breast” does not rhyme with “grit”.
            Thank you for your attention. I’ll get back to work now.

          2. meadowlark

            I shall be compiling a list of alternative bold words for use exclusively here on broadsheet.


        2. Ultach

          Another thing that pees in my porridge is lipservice symbolic use of misspelt Irish to kinda imply some kind of tírghrá or something. If the recipient is an Irish speaker and so are you, write to them in Irish, if you want. If they only understand English, use that language. If you’re not sure and you want to cover both bases, send a proper bilingual letter.
          I may not be finished.

          1. Caroline

            How dare you attack the sacred tradition of the token cúpla focal. Maybe that kind of absolutism flies up north, where it’s one way for that crowd and another for t’other, but down here we like our Irish stilted, symbolic and squashed in at the end like an after-thought.

          2. Ultach

            Likin’ yer ironic misspelling of you’re their/they’re/there (which is it??!!!), bro. *Winks, thumbs up”

    2. The Old Boy

      When I switched to word processing from typewriters I thought that the justified text option was all out voodoo brilliance. I’m afraid the habit has never left me.

      1. Caroline

        Any DTP training at all and the sight of ragged right text will fill you with visceral disgust.

  1. DubLoony

    He’s my inspiration!
    I always thought the Seanad ballot was unfair and should be open to all. Then he came into my life.

    I am now a registered Seanad voter and look forward to giving him my no. 30 on the NUI panel.

    People like Deirdre Conroy deserve to have their medical needs dealt with in this country in privacy and with all the support such circumstances require. I will be voting for her and people like her to remove Mullen.

      1. DubLoony

        Ah, understand. – I will be for for her by getting rid of that little toad is what I should have said. There are plenty of other candidates who would have more sympathy for Ms. Conroy’s situation.

    1. DubLoony

      I’ve been told that there are no spending limits and Seanad is not subject to the same rules as Dáil when it comes to use of official stationary.

      1. The Old Boy

        Interesting. I always wondered how certain County Councillors had access to a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Seanad pre-paid envelopes.

  2. ahjayzis

    “My work in recent times”.

    In fairness he has been great in the role as Last Pathetic Bile-Inducing Hysterical Shriek of a Dying Wasp.
    He may lose, and lose ugly, on every issue he campaigns on, but it’s good the 1950’s have a representative in parliament, even better that he’s so odiously unlikeable that he’s unlikely to increase support for anything he promotes.

    If I had a vote he’d get it – he’s a great friend to women, children, gays and non-catholics everywhere.

  3. kingo

    bs should compile a panel of their usual hate figures mullen etc and their angels gemma o doherty, mercille, mcnally….

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