‘Some Guy In A Bedsit Watching Star Trek’



Ryan Tubridy, urging others to go ‘offline’

Ryan Tubridy.

He’s had it up to ‘here’ with the World Wide Web.

A timeline.

August 2011 Closes his twitter account, with 60,000 followers, saying he ‘was spending too much time on it’.

September 2012,Tells listeners to his 2FM show that he had contacted Twitter US headquarters to get four parody accounts shut down.

He states:

’Somebody brought it to my attention that there was a number of them being me. It was only then when it started getting rude and kind of personal that somebody said to me, “You better get those taken down” and I did. I got four of them taken down. I sent off my driver’s licence details and got them taken down. I love humour and I love fun and I love boldness but I won’t tolerate nastiness. That’s where the line gets drawn.’

‘What’s happened more recently with social networking, and particularly Twitter, is that for a long time it was fun and it was like a really nice pleasant party and then the bad guys came along and wrecked it for everyone, hiding behind stupid names,’ he said. ‘There is a whiff of the bedsit off most trolls. It is disappointing. We can’t be beyond criticism but put your name to it. Don’t be a coward.’

”For a long time it was fun. It was like a pleasant party and then the bad guys came along and they wrecked it for everyone hiding behind stupid names” and that people could be “completely moronic” when it came to tweets.”

November 2012 Backing an Irish Sun campaign against cyber bullying, he rails:

“There’s nowhere safe for children now….I worry about it – the whole anti-social network concerns me because there is no policing it. I support any initiative that is to do with trying to crush the virus of bullying. I would be very, very keen to try and highlight what’s happening on the internet. The internet is a lawless place – it’s a dangerous place – there’s no police. I think it’s the nearest thing to the Wild West that we can see in this day and age….”

“the party [Twitter) was over. I left Twitter because it was a time constraint and it was not a great place. It was fun but it was like – I had fun with it for a year and then decided ‘that’s grand’ – it’s a strange place.”

January 2015: On his RTÉ Radio One radio show discussing online trolls who abused the family of a toddler who died from a viral infection, He avers:

“[The words] “online” and “abuse” are starting to go hand-in-hand now and I don’t know what to say to that family. They’ve enough to be dealing with the loss of that little boy than having to go and worry about what’s online. I would urge nearly anyone who ends up in the public eye, for whatever reason, be it for good reasons but particularly for sad or bad reasons, or any reason, not to go online. Don’t read stuff. You don’t have to. It’s just heckling. That’s all it is. It’s heckling. And I wish that this family didn’t even find this stuff. You don’t have to go there if you don’t want to. You can just mourn in your own way without turning on a computer or finding stuff because people will always react and say something horrible. Always. Regardless of how happy or sad your story is.’ He added: ‘I hope that family have the time and the space to mourn the loss of that little boy without having to listen to the white noise of ignorance that can often show itself online.”

December 2015: Interviews the father of a six year old girl who had received criticism online following her appearance on the Late Late Toy show. He fumes:

“That is the way of online, I think … you know, there is this element that will almost be there and you know it . seems to be un-policeable… I’m an adult apparently and I don’t read online because it’s just, it’s too mean spirited and I don’t read it, even if it’s kind I don’t read it…I often say and sometimes it feels like a broken record sometimes it feels like the Wild West out there, there are no laws and there are no rules and there’s no sheriff….So you can have the good guys walking round, like you guys, you know talking about mental health but then you’ve got the he others who are, you know, psychologically challenged, I’d argue and writing this stuff down the bottom of a bottle of wine on a Friday night… I’ll tell you, I walked out of this building on Saturday with bunch of kids in here to sing for, I think it was, Sean O’Rourke, and they chased me down as far as my car singing word for word the My Little Pony song, it’s become a thing… The thing about being offline, you have the democratic choice to be offline and it’s very liberating, so I’d recommend it.”

March 13, 2016: The Sunday Independent records comments made in a recent interview with former RTÉ presenter Diana Bunici for her book, ‘The Pursuit of Awesomeness’, He rages:

“[t]hen online came along and honestly, if you want to depress yourself as a broadcaster, read online. If I could switch off the Internet sometimes I would. Especially for kids and bullying and all the things that are so easy to do for cowards…You used to go to school from 9am until 3pm and then you could switch it off. Now it follows you and the bullies can follow you now, wherever you are, if they want to.”

“I’d rather read a good book than what some guy in a bedsit watching Star Trek thinks about me. I made a decision to go offline a couple of years ago and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Ah here.

To be continued (probably).


156 thoughts on “‘Some Guy In A Bedsit Watching Star Trek’

  1. ForFecksSake

    Why does Ryan bringing up bedsits? Does he just hate poor people? People who live in ‘bedsits’ must be inferior and nasty because they don’t own a nice house like Ryan?

      1. ForFecksSake

        Nope, I’m just talking about people who don’t have much money. Ryan is sneering at people who live in bedsits.

        1. Tish Mahorey

          Well yes he is doing that.

          My point is that loads of different types of people live in bedsits, of varying backgrounds and income. Some just prefer a smaller more manageable space to live in.

    1. DubLoony

      thought bedsits were gone now.
      But I agree with the whole nastiness thing, the recent election demonstrated that in spades.

  2. Eoin

    Wow. Massive assault from Tubridy against Star Trek fans, outta nowhere. Hate nerds much Ryan?

  3. Tish Mahorey

    Celebs, they love the tired old bedsit geek slur when Twitter doesn’t adore them.

    Sure isn’t he living in the 1960s anyway.

    1. Adama

      Doesn’t anyone else think Ryan Tubidy looks like a younger Henry Kelly? Are they clones? Or did Henry Kelly time travel from the 60s in order to have a go at another career?

  4. Harry Molloy

    he’s not wrong to be fair, there are a lot of nasty a holes online

    I’d imagine the amount of abuse you would receive when being in the public eye would turn you right off

      1. Harry Molloy

        big difference between giving each other a hard time when we’re all hiding behind usernames and giving pointed abuse to identifiable people with the goal of greatly upsetting them my love

          1. Harry Molloy

            would you really equate the way people speak to each other on here with media bullying?

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            This *is* media. You think calling someone a whore is different on this specific website to calling someone a whore in any other situation?

          3. Harry Molloy

            all anyone eyes is give crap to each other on here all day because we’re all just caricatures.
            people are on where near this argumentative or pedantic in real life and are would not interact with people the same way.
            you cant really assault a character when you know nothing about them except whatever crap they post online

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            So you’ve gone from saying “there’s lots of nasty a holes online” to ‘we’re all just caricatures’ who ‘wouldn’t interact with people the same way’ in real life when it’s pointed out that *you* aren’t exactly innocent of your “nasty a whole’ charge. Giving someone some well constructed stick is not the same as calling someone a whore. That’s just nasty minded abuse.

          5. Harry Molloy

            sorry, hit post before I finished.
            all I’m saying is there are people giving crap to each on this forum day after day. you spend a considerable amount of time belittling people yourself moyest.
            but I wouldn’t equate any of that with sending abusive tweets to celebs or bullying kids online. differed ball game entirely.

          6. MoyestWithExcitement

            I know and I’m saying you’re wrong and that you’re only saying that cause someone rightly pointed out that *you* are a “nasty a hole online” yourself.

        1. Anne

          I think it was you Bertie.. ya big durty whore. A tenner was all you wanted off those swingers in Limerick

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            I suppose I better not call upon you to go character witness for me anytime soon :)

  5. meadowlark

    I don’t like him, and he certainly could have phrased it better, but he does raise a few good points.

    And I have to agree with him as regards social media. I got off things like facebook and twitter, and am so much happier.

        1. Peter Danner

          Root canal, taxes and Tubridy all hold the same charm for me. But concur, even though the articulation could have been better he has a point. Social Media and anonymity certainly let the horrid folks on planet earth you most likely would never have any interaction with have a forum by which to unload their venom.

          Kinda worry too about future generations navigating through the awkward teen years, there was a time when a particularly mean comment from a kid in school was a transient thing and somewhat tempered by the fact that it was rarely anonymous. Now it can exist as a post\reminder forever. It surely wasn’t meant to be this way.

      1. Anne

        That’s a very good point Bertie..

        There’s some sad stalkers out there, with not much going on in their lives.
        It’s very easy to ignore them though. I don’t see why Turbridy can’t do that.. that he finds it so upsetting that he has to stay away. Would you not, out of principle not be driven away?

        1. Nigel

          Why should he ignore it? Why shouldn’t he make reference to it and connect it to broader issues of online bullying? There is literally no reason in the world why he shouldn’t.

          1. Anne

            You have two choices, you can whinge and let them drive you away, or ignore them..

            And it’s not the wild west online as he puts it.. He got 4 accounts removed from Twitter. Facebook works the same way.. You can report fake accounts.
            You can block people on twitter. You can block email addresses, even though a stalker might keep creating new email addresses.. you just keep blocking.

            You can go to the guards or a person’s employer if someone continually harasses you and makes false claims about you. You certainty don’t have carte blanche to act as you please online. There are repercussions and laws that already exist to cover it.. we don’t need new ones for the internet.

          2. Nigel

            But obviously his choices are significant enough for you to feel you’re entitled to a say in them?

            It’s not the wild west online. It’s much, much worse than the wild west. Pretending otherwise is supporting the abusers. Attacking someone for whinging about it is supporting the abusers and pretending that there are currently enough satisfactory recourses for abused people online to make abuse negligible is supporting the abusers. If you think that current law enforcement is equal to the task of combating serious online abuse, then you are at the ‘series of tubes’ level of understanding the internet.

        2. NIce Anne {Dammit}

          Yes, why not expand this and tell all victims of bad behavior to just ignore it….

          Punched in the gut by a mugger? Cup of tea and you will be right as rain
          Raped? Have a shower and pull yourself together
          Purse stolen? See if Amazon have one for sale
          Sexually harassed? Have another drink and get over it
          Someone screaming verbal abuse at you? Turn the other cheek and have some lavender tea….

          1. Kieran NYC


            Large cohort of people who seem dead set against recognizing the fact that online bullying is as valid a form as any other.

            Some people on here get quite vicious themselves, so perhaps they don’t want to be called out on it.

            Will be interesting to see who can express sympathy with a straight face the next time a post on mental health problems or suicide in Ireland come up here.

          2. Anne

            That’s a bit of a leap in logic isn’t it?

            Ryan should ignore being called a muppet online.. to next we’ll be saying rape is ok..

          3. Nigel

            What people seem to have difficulty understanding is that though Tubridy himself coped with being called muppet and worse online, he doesn’t feel obliged to hide the fact that it was something he had to cope with, and he is willing to extend sympathy to others who experience similar or worse but may not have his resources or security or maturity or whatever to deal with it. Commenters here seem to dislike him so much that they are willing to criticise him for what is essentially an act of human empathy.

          4. Nigel

            I think when you find yourself justifying online abuse and attacking someone for raising the issue of online bullying, then perhaps your well-founded anger amounts to little more than resentment and jealousy and you need to think some more about what you’re doing.

          5. Same old same old

            It’s understanding what fuels the anger Nigel
            Someone who is angry might have a valid reason eg a genuine grievance however misplaced. Some are just bum heads. Which type are you?

          6. Nigel

            I don’t think you’ve given any valid reasons to do anything other than criticise Tubridy as a presenter and RTE for employing him. Nonetheless you called them ‘well-founded’ and ‘valid’ even though they really boil down to a matter of opinion about a celebrity who’s easily avoided. But if those are the identifiable reasons for abusing Tubridy, what are the reasons for abusing people who are not so famous, and who often have to put up with much, much worse?

          7. Same old same old

            That’s a different thread Nigel – you’re extrapolating wildly so I’m not even going to address your pathetic Trolling effort.

            I don’t give a crap about rte or Turgidy myself personally so I’m not “defending” people abusing him, I’m analysing what might motivate it in some cases. So let’s stick to that topic.

            The guy is a public figure who earns a lot of money on the public dime. Second he was using a public online platform to promote his media brand and now he’s whinging that some consumers don’t care for his saccharine, featureless no talent form of self promotion paid for by his fellow taxpayers.

            So re people who abuse him attacking him personally or just his worthless media brand? I’d suspect the latter in most cases as your answer seem to allude to.

            If he wants a reasonable expectation of privacy he could try posting online as someone other than Ryan Tubridy – media personality

            Maybe that way people could give him the anonymity his lack of talent actually deserves.

          8. Nigel

            You’re not defending people abusing him, but you think it’s entirely understandable for people to abuse him. Your analysis of the reasons for abuse still don’t really get beyond resentment and jealousy, which we’d already stipulated. Mostly you’re just blaming the victim, as far as I can see. Also, I don’t think you know what ‘extrapolating’ or ‘trolling’ means, unless you want to clarify what you;re referring to with those words.

          9. Same old same old

            It’s pretty clear what I said Nigel.
            I said folks attacking Turgidy do so because
            A they find his media personality annoying
            B they are compelled in law to pay for his upkeep and
            C he has no talent anyway and attracts
            Criticism for that reason

            Him whining about the fact that somehow his relationship to media has nothing whatsoever with his rights as a private individual to respect etc have nothing whatsoever to do with reality – unless of course like him you’ve lived in a sycophantic media bubble all your life and have lost all capacity to distinguish between your media life and your actual life

            As for you comparing the disliking of a media product to the real experience of unfairly victimised private individuals in a desperate attempt to win and bully me in an online argument …

          10. Nigel

            So you’re stating opinions about his performance and talent as facts and dehumanising him by referring to him as a product in order to justify abuse – not criticism, remember, let’s not blur those lines. You’ve also created a weird binary about private victims being unfairly abused, which means public victims are fairly abused? To say nothing of you bullying me by trying to narrowly and arbitrarily limit the topic of the discussion in a desperate attempt to win oh wait no that’s not bullying and neither is not allowing myself to be arbitrarily limited.

          11. rotide

            Jesus, If there was some sort of Upvoting/downvoting system here, Same Old would be pretty much invisible.

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        I am a job creator and a driver of innovation along with a side of disruption. Without me there are skinny lads who can’t hod bricks starving on the streets.

        Broadsheet needs me.

      1. rotide

        It certainly is. With a side order of Entitled To Inform People In The Public Eye Of Exactly How I Feel Because Fupp Them

    1. Kieran NYC

      At least news programs are starting to cut back/give up on the ‘Lets see what Twitter thinks’ time-filling nonsense.

      1. rotide

        The first timethe BBC pandered to that sort of “JoeBlow_UK said he was outraged’ was a sad sad day

  6. Drogg

    Maybe he is just realising that the only people that like listening to the tired crap that he calls a show, don’t really use the internet. The internet is the greatest tool for information that we have ever had and he wants to curb it cause he gets a bit of a heckling what a sad loser he is.

    1. bubbleandsqueak

      The fact that Ryan is anti-internet surely couldn’t be related to the fact that he receives a lot more criticism online than he receives from the D4 Dublin media.

      1. rotide

        Everyone recieves a lot more criticism online than they do from the establishment media. Tubs isn’t alone in his views.

  7. Junkface

    People ruined Social Media. If it was just dogs, cats and horses on there everything would be grand.

  8. Anon

    “September 2012,Tells listeners to his 2FM show that he had contacted Twitter US headquarters to get four parody accounts shut down.”

    Of course he did.

    And his comments about “Some Guy In A Bedsit Watching Star Trek” say a lot more about him than “nasty comments” calling him a lanky male genital or an overpaid oaf and so on.

    1. Nigel

      No, it doesn’t. Some guy in a bedsit watching Star Trek as an insult – more of a put-down, really, – isn’t a fraction of the sort of random abuse people like him get. Orders of magnitude worse for women. The fact that you think it says more about him says more about you.

      1. Anon

        I don’t think so.

        He can easily ignore any insults, nasty or otherwise, he receives on-line. He’s a smart guy, or so he and others claim.

        He has revealed himself with that comment about bedsits.

        1. Nigel

          I’m sure abusive online monsters can ignore getting called Star Trek-watching bedsit guys.

      2. NIce Anne {Dammit}

        Yes, of course, just ignore it. let it go. Quit your job so that you are not criticised, stop voicing an opinion least you be threatened with physical harm… do anything rather than point out there are some fvcking nutjobs on social media who feel entitled to react in any way they want. Reactions that would have them locked up if they did it to your face.

        Just, get over it. Shure. Sterling advice. I have some advice for you but I have a feeling BS would delete it….


  9. irishstu

    Wouldn’t people who like Star Trek be more empathetic about bullying, given the hard time Jean-Luc Picard had as a child at the hands of his brother, and Janeway’s attitude towards the Kazon?

    1. Kieran NYC

      You’d think so.

      Then someone mentions the future possibility of a gay crewmember (Just the one mind. In 50 years) and a large percentage of online fandom goes ape-poo.

      Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, howareya.

      1. rotide


        I always thought Sulu played for the other team, even before I knew George was gay.

        Tasha Yar always seemed quite butch too.

        1. Kieran NYC

          They gave Sulu a daughter and Yar boinked Data by her second episode, lest anyone think she was too masculine.

          Not that hot lesbians count as ‘real’ gay people to some geeks anyway.

          1. rotide

            Wasn’t the yar/data thing a kinda ‘A wizard did it’ sort of thing?

            Actually, maybe she had thing with worf. My memory is failing me on this point.

          2. Deluded

            I remember that she was tough and independent, her backstory was that she was abandoned with her little sister and they scavenged for food while avoiding rape gangs – wikia confirms this.
            I thought she was hot but then I grew up around some tough no-nonsense countrywomen and their fiery-blooded daughters, perhaps Worf had a thing for her too.

  10. Gary

    Nothing worse than some unemployed, possibly disabled and fictitious person living in a bedsit having the gall to use the internet and criticise the great and brilliant people of Ireland like Ryan Tubridy, Twink and Bertie Ahern.

    1. Nigel

      Yes, the abuse obviously comes from fictitious people. And Tubridy was clearly having a go at the disabled.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Summer’s coming. They all usually mercifully take the summer off (and Tubs goes off to inflict himself on the BBC)

      1. bubbleandsqueak

        Is there anyone who thinks he’d have the same career if his grandfather wasn’t the first director-general of RTE?

        Also I’m sure any Trekkie in a bedsit would be embarrassed to come out with that nonsense.

  11. Pat-the-barker

    Why can’t people leave Ryan alone to do his job, he’s a pleasant entertainer, he should be allowed to earn his €550k of public money in peace.

    1. Anon

      Indeed. Before the advent of social media, he and his ilk would have been left alone. So social media is the problem. And people; who are simply jealous of the glorious Tubridy.

  12. Ming

    Ryan Tubridy wasn’t too worried about people hurling abuse when he invited
    Jim Corr onto the Late Late show only to have a guy ready in the audience
    to start hurling abuse like “you hate Jews” at him…

    1. Anne

      I was watching some old Mick Wallace stuff on youtube there recently and Ryan was a bit of a gowl to him I have to say.. ‘are ya gonna be able to hold onto the vineyard in Italy Mick’ he was asking.
      He kept going back to his business failings. He didn’t want to talk about anything else with him.

      It’s only bullying when you’re on the receiving end of it, it seems.

      1. Kieran NYC

        So an interviewer asking difficult questions in an interview is the same as vitriolic online abuse now?

        Sure thing.

        1. Anne

          Those high standards of yours don’t seem to apply to yourself at all..

          I could have sworn you were mocking me the other night.. and not addressing anything I actually wrote.

          Kieran NYC March 12th 3:05am

          “Lads, lads, give it up.
          Anne on The Internet is on to ya! She doesn’t really know what she’s on about, but she’s onto it! ”

          You regularly call people idiots, without addressing what they’re saying Kieran NYC

          1. Kieran NYC

            Highlighting when you post uninformed nonsense isn’t the same as vitriolic online abuse either. Stop with the false equivalencies.

            This is usually the point where *you* start your nasty name-calling.

          2. Same old same old

            On your coffee break from the kitchen porter job in the greasy spoon diner Kieran? This is usually the point where you sulk off pouting

          3. Kieran NYC

            You mean when I meet friends after work and live my life?

            I feel safe doing it knowing the internet is in your capable hands while I’m gone.

          4. Anne

            Uninformed nonsense huh?
            But you didn’t highlight anything that I said that was incorrect or uninformed.. you mocked me Kieran NYC.

            After the effort I put in, in reading the full letter and writing a very valid counter arguments to the points made in that letter, you mocked me, without addressing anything.

            I said the northern ireland committee didn’t contradict themselves as claimed by Nama, for instance, in saying that they didn’t dispute who Nama were saying they were answerable to, with the fact that the N.Ireland committee were disappointed they wouldn’t appear before them to give oral evidence.. Was that part nonsense? That there was in fact insider information available to those on the Nama N.I advisory board.. that it’s been recorded on tape. Was that part nonsense? That it doesn’t refute the N. Ireland’s committee’s position that the deal should have been stopped, by Nama stating they met their reserve price.. that corruption and fixers weren’t an issue for them.. Was that part nonsense Kieran NYC?

            You didn’t address what part you thought was nonsense.. but instead mocked me.

          5. Same old same old

            That’s right / she actually did do that Kieran.
            You mocked Anne – who is an intellectual powerhouse compared to you (though that’s damning with faint praise)with no effort whatsoever to examine the context of her actual point. That was very very naughty of you Kieran as Anne is a real woman with mammaries and feelings.

          6. rotide

            The irony here is overwhelming.

            I particularly love the recall of exact comments made and the time they were made.

            Kieran, you’re in real trouble now!

          7. Anne

            Yeah tis overwhelming..

            Kieran has scurried off to be with his real life friends and cry into their shoulders about the abuse he’s suffering at the hands of the trolls on the internets.

            He’ll be back at 3 in the morning to call us idiots.

          8. rotide

            If the hat fits Anne…

            All you do is throw insults at people on here. I’m not going to bother searching posts for it, so knock yourself out. Kieran is right and you are wrong.

            In my humble opinion of course.

          9. Anne

            I never said I was a shrinking violet.. KYC called others out for bullying, and I’m pointing out he’s well capable of it himself..

            What are you on about? He’s right, I’m wrong? What are you saying he’s right about?

            I think all you do is try to instigate reactions from people. You’re contrary for the sake of it, to get attention… but you know that already, don’t cha Rotsey..
            If there was a post up saying the sky was blue, you’d say it was pink.. People in real life just nod their head at you, for a quiet life. Ammirite Rotsey?

          10. rotide

            I don’t see how I’m being contrary here. I’m agreeing with Nigel and KNYC.

            But you know what, you keep raging against the machine there Anne.

      2. Cluster

        That was one of the few reasonable things Tubbers has ever done.

        I’m not sure Walkace has ever actually explained the vineyard. Am I still paying for it? Is it still in his grother’s name?

  13. bobsyerauntie

    He seems to be saying that online trolls live in bedsits?

    So in other words they are poor, disadvantaged, or just down on their luck- and therefore have nothing better to do than troll and gripe at millionaires and successful folks like Ryan Turbridy? and others..

    How he can make (what was essentially) a good observation about online behavior into a snobby quip is typical of Turbridy’s charm (or lack thereof according to some)…

    I’m no fan of him, and he has a point about online behavior being quite damaging, however he fails on the point about bedsits…

    1. Nigel

      How can you fixate on a throwaway cheap shot that simply reiterates a common stereotype obviously out of anger and frustration? Right or wrong, it’s extremely common for people to characterise trolls and abusers and bullies as lonely pathetic individuals who live alone or in their parent’s basement, but when Tubridy does it it’s a high crime that undermines all his good points? Odd to end today defending the guy, but this really is ridiculous.

    2. Deluded

      Yup. His characterisation of trolls is quite narrow, to say the least. I’m just going on what people say IRL so I can imagine what they could type anonymously.

      I’m thinking he means that a troll lives in a bedsit because they are antisocial and a loner, but that is an inaccurate description of a bully.

      Star Trek is cool and Tubs is lame-o.

  14. rotide

    As usual, the misplaced anger and downright jealousy is palpable here.

    Why are people so annoyed at Tubridy? All he’s done is do his job (you might not like it, I don’t, but you can’t argue that he DOES it) and get renumerated for it. Like in any job, he has periodic reviews and asks for money. He doesn’t kidnap the DGs family and hold them to knifepoint for his salary, RTE feel he’s worth it. If you’re going to be angry at someone, get angry at the board in RTE who approve the salary. Like Nigel said, all tis moaning about him is pretty much just jealousy and resentment.

    1. Anne

      RTE feel he’s worth it? Shur we all have a loreal moment now and then.

      Enda Kenny does his job too like, no doubt he feels like he’s worth his salary..

      So your point is, he shows up.. he feels like he’s worth it.
      “All he’s done is do his job (you might not like it, I don’t, but you can’t argue that he DOES it) “

      1. rotide

        RTE obviously feel he’s worth it or they wouldn’t be paying him the money they pay him would they?

        1. Anne

          Yeah, they must feel he’s worth it..

          Here you go Ryan they say, when he gets his 600 odd thousand salary, because you’re worth it.

          He says, are ye sure lads, for spouting poo on the radio and on Friday evenings in this tiny little backwater of a place, ye think I should be paid more than what top U.S. network’s presenters get?
          Yep, Ryan, you’re worth it..
          All right so I won’t say no, ara go on, yer right, I’m worth it, chaa-chiiiing, says Ryan.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            Yup. It’s the fact that they see the likes of Tubridy worthy of such a salary that they also see it as necessary to blow smoke up the bottom of FF, or FG whichever is in power at the time. That is why they fail to report on news that the government would rather you didn’t hear.
            Make sure the license funds keep coming in so we can pay these salaries to the Tubridy and the D’arcy, and the Finucan and the Duffy.
            This is the station who in 30, 40, maybe 50 years time will still feature Brian Ormond somewhere on the roster, because he once featured on a British tv singing competition, and lost.

    2. Same old same old

      It’s ‘remunerated’ fool
      What do you mean – all he’s doing is doing his job?
      Are you chewing mescaline?

    3. Tish Mahorey

      Rotide playing the old ‘jealousy’ card there, fearsome protector of the established order. Oh he has money so therefore the criticism of him must be down to envy right? Wrong. People with money assume everyone is jealous of them. Well it’s just not true. Most people value money down the list of life’s priorities.

      Many people including myself feel he is a poor class of interviewer, lacks manners, is visibly uncomfortable with working class guests, is a bad listener and looks bored and disinterested. He has the temperament of someone with a very guilty conscience.

      A good interviewer speaks very little and goes almost unnoticed.

      Rubbery is bad value for the money he is paid from license fees.

  15. Chromium

    Sad and shocked that lack of opposable thumbs seems to be a disability that has rocketed out of all proportion, so that thousands are unable to click the remote and change channels.

  16. Frilly Keane

    Wonder what he’s make’ve me

    I’m more’ve a Dwayne Johnson ripping off his T-shirt to save the county of California watcher meself

  17. some old queen

    Over paid state mouthpiece urges public to go offline shocker. No self interest there what so ever.

  18. Casey

    Over 100 comments on the subject debating people’s right to be vitriolic online, what constitutes online bullying, public versus private persons and no one flagged that at the end of his rant he directed hus true annoyance at the fact that a whole.load of online poison was directed at the family of a child who died.

    If you saw someone in the supermarket, pub, carpark or hospital verbally abusing someone who was grieving, you would wonder about their mental health at the very least or intervene to try to stop it in some way, wouldn’t you? You would know it is wrong, socially acceptable, an indication of mental sickness or an underlying evil for someone to think it was ok to carry on like that.

    If people would not accept behaviour like that in the street, why is it acceptable to tell people to just ignore it online?

    Last year, the woman who led the charge of the ignorant online spewing venom at the McCanns committed suicide after her name was broadcast by sky news. Some of the things she said were the sign of a very sick mind such as claiming that the same Arabs who the McCanns sold their daughter to were coming to rape the rest of the children now they were finished with Madeline.

    How do you ignore threats like that? How do you ignore being told I will find you and rape you, I will bomb your parents. All the typical ravings of the entitled and the demented at the bottom of the cesspool of the Internet.

    Why are we telling people to just ignore it? Why is it ok to expect decent people to give up their online voice when the braying of the demented goes unchecked?

    A very simple solution would be to oblige twitter joiners to pay a 1p fee for joining from a bank account or credit card. Complete financial tracibility for the vitriolic which will not deter those who just want to be online without being a poisonous dirtbag. Let’s see how keen they are with their threats of rape then.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      What a massive over-reaction to what is mostly criticism and not abuse.

      Celebrities crave attention in order to sustain themselves. They will attract negative attention too.

      But people who sensationalise online criticism are like the internet version of a false flag terrorist who stages a spectacular in order to create fear and paranoia, leading to oppressive control.

      1. Nigel

        People who d8m8nsh ignore or dismiss the reality of 9n line abuse whether directed at the famous or the not-famous are missing the point, enabling abusers and silliest of all prioritising their ridiculous over – inflated animus against a celebrity figure 9ver the real problem. If you criticise Tubridy without being abusive, you’re not really the subject of the discussion.

      2. Casey

        I was not referring to cases of criticism or even banter. Read what I said again. Giving the parents of a dead child abuse online is not ok. Threatening to turn up at female gamers and journalists house to rape or kill them is not ok.

        Dismissing the behaviour of the bottom feeders of the Internet as “just criticism” will make people wonder if you really want to be part of that cesspool without being called to account for it.

  19. Ronan

    Being Star Trek fans for many years, I think it would be hard to find a fan who hasn’t experienced derogatory remarks now and again about the universe we love so much. It’s always great to hear when someone well known declares their love for Star Trek. Trek fans like Stephen Hawking, Richard Branson or Chris Hadfield help our cause.

    It’s disappointing when the opposite happens.

    Read mor of our response here http://startrekeire.com/

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