14 thoughts on “A Terrible Beauty Is Drawn

  1. Blah

    Have we reach peak 1916? Is it relevant at all? I know there is a better word for it, but is the entire palaver not getting a little scobie-ry?

    When I see 1916 being peddled I just think its like a long St Patrick’s Day celebration on O’Connell Street – loads of tins, green soccer jerseys and inarticulate nostalgia/nationalism.

    When will it stop.


    1. Old Bawn

      At Easter, I envisage hordes of Celtic-hooped urchins, unhinged on fine ciders, liberating the nearest Foot Locker in a glorious tribute to the men of 1916

    2. ahjayzis

      I had to inform a big tribal Fianna-Failer (and Tory) voter I work with that DeValera wasn’t pro-treaty yesterday.

      He’s big into 1916.

  2. Funster Fionnanánn

    When can we go back to ignoring 1916?

    Rte and its history horn is making me sleepy.

  3. Pob

    Why aren’t we “celebrating” it on the actual anniversary? Why are the commemorations all on this year’s Easter weekend? Not 100 years after the actual events. Seems lazy and er, stupid.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      You can be sure it’ll be done at Easter ….and again at the 100yr anniversary. I’d put money down the Shinners will have something ready for the actual centenary date.

      That is, we get a whole other month of it… yay :)

    2. ahjayzis

      I’ve been wondering this!

      It wasn’t an ecclesiastical event, why are we waiting for the Vatican to tell us when to commemorate it?!

    3. ForFecksSake

      Easter was specifically chosen for the Rising. They didn’t choose it for the calendar date so Easter is more appropriate.

  4. The Real Jane

    I can decipher the meaning of most of it, but what do the faint blue penises coming out of Thomas Clarke mean?

    Also, he’s not such a fan of the last guy, Peter Griffin. Which is a shame.

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