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This morning.

Little Britain Street, Dublin.

Orla writes:

The end of the line for ’13 euro tattoos’ at the Heartbreak Social Club [tattoo parlour] around the corner on Capel Street…

Tag your squad. Also, have a great weekend.

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Sunday experiments #roar

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Mesmerising handwriting experiments by calligraphy master Seb Lester involving an initial scribble of water followed by the application of droplets of colour.

More of his work here.


huatunan5huatunan3 huatunan4 huatunan1

Spatter Ink Cheetah – a stunning combination of Western graffiti and traditional Chinese ink painting by 23 year old Chinese street artist Chen Yingjei, aka Hua Tunan.




Laura writes:

Ami James, works on a tattoo for Ellen Griffin from Tralee [Co Kerry] who won a competition on RTE 2fm [Colm Hayes’ Driveby show] after submitting her idea for a new tattoo and telling listeners about her 4 previous tattoo disasters. Ami has joined forces with Irish tattoo artist, Ross Nagle to open a tattoo shop in Cork called the Love Hate Social Club…”



Fair play though, in fairness.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland and 2FM)

dropping-4 dropping-5 dropping-7 dropping-6 dropping-1 dropping-3From Dropping – a series of high speed photographs by Italian artist and graphic designer Alberto Serveso.

Each shot was achieved by capturing the impact of mixtures of coloured ink dropped into a container of clear oil, then flipping the image upside down.

Dropping gallery here.

Alberto Seveso on Behance