Into Darkness



Further to Ryan Tubridy’s attack on Star Trek-watching, bedsit dwellers allegedly picking on children and celebrities online.

Ronan at Star Trek Eire fumes:

Ah now Ryan! I’ve met you at a Star Wars convention so you obviously have time for a bit of sci-fi. Your remark probably won’t go down well with Star Trek fans. It does imply that we’re all lonesome lads on social media.

Have you interviewed Patrick Stewart Ryan? Please tell him your opinions about Star Trek fans. He once objected when an interviewer described Trekkies as “weird”, calling it a “silly thing to say”. Stewart added, “How many do you know personally? You couldn’t be more wrong.”

Isaac Asimov described us: “Trekkies are intelligent, interested, involved people with whom it is a pleasure to be, in any numbers. Why else would they have been involved in Star Trek, an intelligent, interested, and involved show?”

Maybe in some crazy way you’re just angling for a role in the new Star Trek series out in 2017? ;)

Tubridy Cries Havoc and let Slip the Dogs of War (StarTrekEire)

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15 thoughts on “Into Darkness

  1. Nigel

    Wow. You would rather bash Tubridy over a throwaway put – down than grant for moment that he might have a point about online abuse.

    1. ahjayzis

      He’d have a point if he wasn’t painting himself as the ultimate victim of it. Comparing people critical of his awfulness as the people who destroy young peoples lives.

      1. Nigeli

        He’s not. He doesn’t. He knows there’s a scale both of abuse and of the ability of people to cope with abuse. Why is it necessary to bend over backwards to find reasons to criticise him rather than accept that he is fundamentally right about online abuse?

        1. ahjayzis

          Because he can never be right.

          He is the personification of despair and all that is wrong with institutional Ireland.

          It is a moral imperative to chase this slimy pox out of any forum his gurning, well remunerated head pokes itself into, which unfortunately makes him a poor spokesman for not chasing people out of forums.

          Lorraine Higgins is another one. I sympathised with her plight before she tried to legislate freedom of speech away from her unelectable unelected perch in the Senate.

          1. Nigeli

            Seriously? You’re choosing this guy as your avatar of the moral rot at the heart of Ireland? He’s going to be your scapegoat? Are you sure this isn’t another ha-ha-no-really effort to justify abuse because you can say what you like about a scapegoat can’t you? This is primitive atavistic stuff, believing attacking and vilifying one person will purge our sins. Stupid, but maybe that would explain it.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      To be fair, he can be wrong for badmouthing Star Trek fans and right about the internet being awful.

    1. Caroline

      Yep. The fact that the writer just glosses over this really quite extraordinary difference means everything else he says is suspect and wrong. If he has any point to make, I hereby dismiss it on this technicality. I damn him for it and everything he stands for. Also, his appeals to authority are lame. I will decide on the penalty for that at a later stage.

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    There’s a really basic flaw in logical thinking here. That A = B does not mean that B = A. That bitter bedsit dwellers tend to like Sci fi does not mean everyone who likes Sci fI is a bitter bedsit dweller.

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