A Day At The Racists


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This afternoon.

Dublin City centre.

Scenes from today’s clash between supporters of anti-Islam group Pegida Ireland, anti racist protestors and gardaí.

Irish Times reports:

Scuffles broke out when a small party broke away from the main gathering of anti-Pegida demonstrators and chased another group, believed to be Pegida supporters, down North Earl Street and into a discount store.

Members of the Garda Public Order Unit, approaching from Talbot Street, baton charged protesters outside the shop back towards O’Connell Street and then set up a cordon in the middle of North Earl Street.

RTÉ is to make a formal complaint after a senior staff camerman was injured “by a garda”. Laura Fitzgerald, communications manager for RTÉ news and current affairs, said “one of our cameramen was injured while working covering a demonstration and he was injured by a garda”. She said the camerman was receiving medical attention.


Ah here.

Scuffles break out at launch of anti-immigration group in Dublin (Irish Times)

Scuffles between gardaí and anti-Pegida protesters (RTE)

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Sam Boal/Rollingnews



The day that was in it.

Video via Rabble.ie

Thanks Bit Thompson

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59 thoughts on “A Day At The Racists

  1. CousinJack

    Except being anti-islam is not racist or fascist as islam is a pan-race religion, and many islamis regime are distinctly totalarian. The anti-facists should really not be acting like authoritarian bully boys.

    1. Twunt

      So are are Muslims and racists mutually exclusive, cause life experience is very different to this happy clappy nonsense

    2. Bobby

      Shure look its grand, you dont undesrand Pegida snd you have no idea who was behind organising the shambles of an event we saw today.

      All in all, 6 million gassed Jews and other slaughtered minorities, sexual ‘deviants’, trade unionists etc aren’t theoretical in my head. I’m glad these migrant bashing, homophobic and dangerous fascists were beat off th e streets of Dublin.

      Sorry, these things affect some people, and some of us appreciate history from a more practice perspective.

      Thanks to those guys for making Dublin streets feel a little safer. God it’s so ironic and contradictory, its almost as if all this stuff was more complex than you’ve made out.

    3. Macconnait

      Can’t help but notice that the “anti-fascists” were the ones beating people they disagreed with. Interesting times

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’m just glad the poxy RTE Cameraman in the middle of it all got a belt off the guard.
        Hasn’t he learned yet what the lens on his camera is for ?
        Get out of the way while the poor guard is already trying to do a difficult job.
        Anyway,I hope the Paddies do a better job at fighting the Welsh this afternoon.

        1. Frilly Keane

          “Poor Guard” huh

          Maybe it’s just me
          But what I saw were a band a’lads swinging like Junior Club Hurlers who had seen better days

          They didn’t give a úck who was in the way
          They just belted all around them

      2. Bobby

        Don’t worry about it, maybe you’ll understand some day that politics is complex. There’s loads of books about it and stuff. Sorry not everything is black ad white, I know it would make it easier for people to understand, but it just means you need to put the effort in to learn about stuff.

        I don’t think they were ‘anti-fascists’, just anti-fascists. Known Irish and Polish violent and dangerous Nazis were taken of the street last night by people who support migrants, LGBT groups etc.

        But like I said above a couple of times, I understand when all this stuff is hypothetical and when yo never have to actually face it, it’s hard to understand. Try though. Antifascists have also been employing violence since fighting Fascists Spain and Nazi Germany’s death squads. Ah but shure history books are just history right? No need to learn from the past or anything or make stupid, simplistic comments with little or no understanding, and worse, no tho0ght or the victims of fascism.

        Ireland’s great isn’t it. Such deep understanding of politics in this country.

    4. Mick Flavin

      -Anti-islam isn’t racism
      -The Anti-fascists are the bullies

      So close: You just needed some sort of dictionary definition of phobias in relation to islamophobia to nail the sophistry trifecta.

      1. Bobby

        Yeah it’s about time someone stood up and told the truth. Now I can feel free to be anti-semitic! Don’t worry everyone, anti-Judaism isn’t racism.

        And grand, the antifascists are bullies, the same people who are out on the streets fighting against racial supremacists and dangers fascists. You sit in your gaff saying this crap while across Europe fascists are getting organised, they are attacking and stabbing activists and migrants, in some cases killing them. And I’m sure it’s precisely because you live a cushy depoliticised life, it means everything is hypothetical to you. Fine. I say well done to those who stood up against fascism, the last time we let it go million millions of Jews were gassed to death, and countless other atrocities occurred. But you don’t care, because I’m so sure that reading back over your self serving comments is more important for your self esteem than considering the saferty of minority groups.

        I’m embarrassed for you, but I’m 100% sure you don’t care.

          1. Bobby

            Oh God. I read your comment again, properly, sorry!

            I wasn’t really responding to you, I’m just angry at all the nonsense I’m hearing and angrily typing. Sorry sorry sorry..

          2. Mick Flavin

            Not at all, man. There has been so much ráiméis bandied around since yesterday, I can understand you having a hair trigger…

    5. Bobby

      It’s actually racist, as defined by the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, to which Ireland is a signatory, and is also defined by several other conventions.

    6. eoin hurley

      I suppose Hitler was led up the garden path. As for the Serbs at Srebenica – at least they didn’t introduce water taxes.

    1. eric cartman

      why is it every time that gardai have to beat down lowlifes, theres a people before profit flag / banner on site.

  2. kev

    Broadsheet contributed to whipping up fear about the small group that turned out. Scenes like yesterday are the consequence of this.

      1. Joe Loughnane

        If media outlets like Broadsheet didn’t publicize the Pegida march then it would have ended up being 5 or 6 lads handing out flyers on O’Connell St and being ignored. Instead every knacker in the city turned up for a riot under the guise of “anti-fascism” and did more harm than good to their cause. The Irish have a strong dislike for cowards and bullies so I predict Pegida and Identity Ireland will gain a boost from Saturday’s disgraceful scenes.

      2. Starina

        you can use a whisk, it’s best if it’s electric so you get an even consistency, but one may do it by hand it necessary.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      If this is true it is outrageous.
      I object to having my fear (which I have been carefully preserving for apparitions of the divil himself) subliminally whipped up while I’m non the wiser.
      Please provide links to this atrocity, while I rush to check that my family values are still intact.

  3. Mysterybeat

    I love that the racists ran into a Euro store for protection from the mob. Ironic since they don’t want other people seeking protection from violence in Europe!

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      You could be that person Peter. I think might have what it takes.
      You seem to have money, or at least a classist attitude.
      You might even be a little bit racist, as suggested by your post.
      You have the ability to repeat your hatred of Rabble endlessly on Broadsheet, & possibly have the ability to do vice versa, suggesting you have brains too.

      I say go for it. Knock yourself out.

    1. Bobby

      There were two groups of Irish and Polish Nazis, they numbered maybe 25ish. I wouldn’t imagine there were no more then 50/60 people prepared to go in public in Dublin. I’d say most people who came just turned around when they saw the few thousand strong anti-Pegida rally.

      As with a lot of things around issues such as racism, homophobia etc, the people who hold these views are actually too embarrassed to say anything in public. It’s great.

      For the counter rally there were at least 1k, I’d say it was pushing past1.5k, organiserx said 2k and RTE said a few hundred so I feel my own estimates are probably alright.

  4. Gaoithe

    I wish people would stop writing on the national flag. Asked an aggressive pair why they did it a few weeks ago, and they said “It’s just a bit of material”. Right, then, use the Union Jack for your scrawls, or a white sheet.

    But on the scale of things I wish more that people would stop considering all brown foreigners to be job-stealing scroungers who want to kill us.

  5. Macconnait

    I wrote earlier that it was interesting that it was the “anti-fascists” who were beating those they disagreed with….and the comment was deleted?!?!? Too far over the party line?

    1. eric cartman

      “everyone has the right to say whatever they want, unless we disagree with it, then the beatings, doxxing, name and shame campaigns and invasion into private lives will start”. – PbP/AAA/AntiFata/Lefties

  6. Fergus the magic postman

    Stills taken from Irish Times video, of a Garda hitting their camera without his number on
    It is clear from the other stills here it is the same Garda who hit the RTE cameraman.

    Also in the footage in the shop, a Garda can be heard screaming “get that camera out!”
    Were they briefed to take out cameras? This Garda in particular seemed to have an issue with them anyway.

    1. Declan

      I’d imagine the argument is that when you’re trying to establish a cordon, someone with a camera or anything doesn’t get privilege.

      That said no need to through a wack at the RTE camera man. Shove him, but that’s it

        1. Declan

          I had a look at it again. The camera doesn’t stop, in the sense you can see the Garda swinging his baton and then the camera is pointed down (you see the camera man’s jacket I presume. I think it’s Irish Times video, was the camera man one of their reporters? A statement might clear it up if it’s broken or not.

          Just to be clear I’m not condoning it but I wouldn’t want their job. It’s a messy situation with a lot of fellas with hoodies up and masked faces. To deal with them, it’s not easy or for the light hearted.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            It seemed from all the footage I saw, that most of the Gardaí were able to handle it.
            Just this one pumped up idiot who could just as well have gotten his uniform and baton from the same place as the Regency Hotel gang.
            If you look at the first clip in the OP above, the same guy is gesturing c’mon,/i> with his hands towards the crowd at the 17-18 seconds mark after letting loose with his baton wielding powers.

    2. ReproBertie

      Was it not an anti-fascist shouting “get the camera out”? I can’t watch the video again in work but from what I remember from my viewing of it on the news, the shouting to remove the camera seemed to be before the gardaí arrived at the shop.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    How many Celtic jersey wearing Shinners were clobbered i wonder…. not known for their tolerance them fools.

    Still tho, bunch o’ dumbasses in the other anti crowd for chasing them.

  8. rotide

    So one bunch of thugs beating the bejaysus out of another bunch of thugs and the gardai are at fault somehow…

  9. Joe

    I have no idea what the party represents, I have only watched the above video and read about the protests.

    Here is the video I saw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H-ZHDfkYgU
    The journalist didn’t even let them speak. How poor is that?

    In the video, they were getting at sustainable migration and resource management – and the latter is something the established parties have been historically weak on. They take a position on migration policy. FF/FG and Labour/SF don’t speak about migration because it is sensitive/polarising issue and their spin doctors like to keep their jobs as do the party leaders. Before the Celtic Tiger, there was very little immigration so this is a contemporary topic and there should be a forum to discuss it reasonably if people are concerned about it.

    If this is truly a democracy we live in and people vote for these guys, then it suggests that this is an issue that concerns many people. At the end of the day, the most they will get is a couple of seats and a chance to win or lose a debate on a contemporary matter. And if they are truly wrong, they will lose debates and people will be enlightened.

    Between this and the gay marriage referendum, the more worrying reality is the there really seems to be mob mentality on the street, and a sense that aggressive actions are justified..

    1. Peter Dempsey

      The video you uploaded is from Sound Migration aka Mark Malone, a key member of Ireland’s hard-left warriors for social justice. Mark’s tolerance only extends to his own immediate circle jerk.

  10. Seanus Maximus

    Whatevet your view, they’re against Islamification. Islam isnt a race therefore this is not racism. Dont be disingenuous.

  11. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Proud to call myself a Dubliner.
    I’ve seen no other city in the World stand up to these idiots in such a forceful and determined way.

    Pegida, I dare you to try it again, without the Gardaí protection you earned by default this time.
    I don’t think even they’ll be on your side next time.
    There is no room for you or your like in this country.

    We grow our own scumbags, and ironically they’re more Irish than the rest of us.
    You can just go and FUPP off.

    1. Termagant

      “Pegida, I dare you to try your peaceful demonstration again, because we disagree with you and will beat you in the streets, because we’re the good guys”


  12. Lilly

    I’m confused. The anti-Islamic group Pegida Ireland members are being chased down Talbot Street by the antsy-in-their-pantsy Irish lads. But the fellas being chased look like Muslims. Maybe I need a bigger screen.

  13. scottser

    i think the salient issue here is that peter o’loughllin believes falafel to be actually called ‘crunch patties’
    with ‘flavour sauce’. in ‘pocket bread’.

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