Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Legend Of Tarzan



What you may need to know:

1. David Yates directs the nth adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ source material for Warner Bros.

2. Cheetah! Boy! Umgawa!

3. With a shirtless Alexander Skarsgård (for the laydees), Margot Robbie (for the gents), and Christoph Waltz in full moustache-twirling villain mode.

4. For once, the monkey is not played by Andy Serkis.

5. Broadsheet prognosis: Needs more loincloth.

Release Date:
8 July.

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13 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Legend Of Tarzan

  1. Starina

    skarsgard is a decent actor, I find it hard to believe he is so stuck for work that he’d take this film.

  2. Paul

    and two Jungle Book films coming out before the end of next year. Plenty of Jungle-stuff going on.

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