20 thoughts on “Too Late

    1. ReproBertie

      To hazard a guess it would appear that a Cheltenham related question was asked on the LLS 2 years in a row and the answer was the same two years in a row. Also, in a year Stephen Malone only knew the answer to 2 LLS questions and the answer was the same in both cases.

      1. Hank

        And Stephen, you forgot to include your name in last year’s entry making it null and void.
        Maybe it’s you who “needs to put a bit more thought in”!

  1. Rainy Day

    So you entered the Late Late competition incorrectly and 5 days early and you are complaining that the automated response system assumes that people only enter the Late Late competitions on a Friday??….I think the system just incorrectly assumes people have a life…

  2. ivan

    Also, the difficulty of the question is meant to be laughable. They’re not allowed call the ‘competition’ a raffle, but that is – in effect – what it is, non?

  3. Funster Fionnanánn

    Only costs €1.50… To enter a competition of a station you already pay a license fee to.

    This country is not working correctly. Can it be rebooted?

  4. Truth in the News

    All the crowd in RTE do is add noughts to the right and write the cheques
    to themselves with our money, and then run a street party to commemorate 1916,
    when they spent the last 50 years trying supress anthing to do with the Rising
    including the banning of music and song associated with the period.

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