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Are Ya Having That writes:

Leather Jacket Guy has been secretly gathering together the best Irish festival fails of 2015/2016 to celebrate his amazing 20,000 super sexy sexscribers!

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23 thoughts on “Mud Simple

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      It’s boring more than anything. I’m sure people would be less annoyed if there was something else to comment on. There’s a whole internet of funny, lovely, sad, amazing things out there and we get this everyday (twice a day if we are really bad)? I get we are being trolled but there’s a fine line to that.


      1. Nigel

        I keep waiting to hear the whole thing is being broken down into some genius and disturbing Adult-Swim type surreal horror thing, a la Too Many Cooks. Might watch some of them then.

  1. Brian S

    “congrats ljg, youre such a ride id love to do pills with you”
    “well done ljg, id say you have such a lovely willy, id love to see it”
    “i love ljg, hilarious vids, he’s such a ride”
    “ljg lets go drinking, i love your beard and leather jacket, i bet you’re great in bed”
    “ljg is sexy”
    “hilarious, best videos on youtube”
    “so funny, and he’s a ride”

    There you go, now ljg just needs to copy/paste any of the above with the multiple accounts he uses to comment on his vids.

  2. Are Ye Having That?

    Thanks broadsheet for all the support and love for leather jacket guy. We couldn’t have gotten to 20,000 without you. All your love and positive comments are really appreciated.

    1. Hank

      Are you sure you don’t mean “We couldn’t have gotten to 20,000 without creating 19,999 fake accounts”?

  3. Absolutely not a sockpuppet, no sir, not me

    I think he’s really handsome and really funny and I think these videos are great and he’s a ride.

  4. A real girl

    ljg lets go drinking, i love your beard and leather jacket, i bet you’re great in bed

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