Staying In Tonight?


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On RTÉ 2 at 9.30pm.

I Am Traveller – fronted by actor John Connors, pictured above.

The documentary will involve Mr Connors speaking with surviving members of the Connors family who lost ten members of their family in a fire at a halting site in Carrickmines, south Dublin last October.

Melanie O’Connor writes:

John Connors, aka ‘Patrick’ From Love/Hate, tackles head on the truth, myths and prejudices around Travellers in this authored documentary.

The documentary is John’s personal account of what being a Traveller means to him. He reveals what he loves about Traveller culture, as well as what frustrates him about it. He opens up about the prejudice he has experienced as a Traveller all his life – and how that hasn’t gone away, despite his success as an actor.

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‘It Is Your Fault As An Ethnic Grouping’

29 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Gers

    Cant wait for this, they will tell us how law abiding they all are and how busy they are all day with the horseys….. I just would like them to finally reveal how they pay for the big Mercs, a bit of transparency like…

        1. The People's Hero

          Whatever about the horseys, i note that lad who got his head blown off in Ratoath the other day had a Merc….. But then he’s not one of ‘them’……

          1. The People's Hero

            Bertie, you’re missing my point…. An attempt was made to tarnish an entire section of our population because they may or may not drive mercs… That they can’t have obtained them legally… Why them alone….. From Seanie Fiz to Mr. Kingsize – members of the settled community – have/had them so enough of the blatant bigotry already…. ‘Our’ community has more than enough gangsters, petty theieved, bullying wife beaters, child molesters and everything in between… But yet, they’re the problem?

      1. panga panga

        a bit oh transparency in The Dáil would serve us all better….travellers and their Mercs? Jaaaaaaysus Get a Loife!
        That shower in the Dáil are picking your pocket everyday

    1. The People's Hero

      I assume with money. Like every other Merc driver out there…

      But then what’s your implication? Only ‘settled’ folks are allowed to spend any ‘ill gotten’ gain on Mercs?

  2. slash hook

    A young man used violence to control his teenage wife’s every move and on one occasion gave her the option of having a belt put around her neck or having her arm burned with a poker, a court has heard.

    She feared for her life and opted to be burned, holding out her arm for the punishment, she told Galway District Court.

    The arranged marriage in January 2013 between Dean Maughan, who was 19 at the time, and Annalise Conroy, who had just turned 16, was marred with bullying and violence from the outset, the court heard.

    Maughan, of Innishannagh Park, Newcastle, Galway, and Townspark, Cavan, denied assaulting Ms Conroy causing her harm when the couple lived in a rented house at Station Road, Oranmore on December 15th, 2014. He also denied assaulting her at the same address on March 16th last year.

    He told the court he was forced to marry Ms Conroy. He said he never loved her but “respected” her because she had given him a son.

    Imposing prison sentences totalling 12 months, Judge Mary Fahy said he had treated his wife like a possession, of no value other than to produce a son. Judge Fahy noted the victim was only 16 when she got married. “She was a child, but that is part of the Traveller culture.”


    A tearful Ms Conroy gave evidence of fearing for her life during violent incidents throughout their brief marriage.

    She said their son was just a few months old when her husband became angry and attacked her on December 15th, 2014.

    “He gave me a choice to either have a belt put around my neck or hold out my hand and have it burned,” she said. “When given the option, I put my hand out and he burned me on the hand and then he burned me on the leg too. He put the poker in the fire first and then burned me.”

    She said she was in a lot of pain but he would not allow her go to a doctor or get any treatment for her injuries. “He was very controlling. He wouldn’t let me contact my family. I had a small, black phone when I met him first but he broke it.”

    Ms Conroy said he wanted her to disown her family. “My sister, who had special needs, died and when I came back from the funeral in Ballinrobe, he gave me a very bad beating.”

    Maughan told the court he was forced into marriage by the girl’s parents.

    “It was an arranged marriage. I didn’t want to marry the girl. I met her by texting her on Blackberry messaging and I brought her to Galway for the Volvo Ocean Race. Her parents reckoned we had run away and they wanted us to marry,” he said.

    Maughan denied burning her with a poker in December 2014. “I was after paying for an expensive holiday to Orlando. I brought her to Turkey a couple of months after we married, then in 2014 I brought her to Orlando for Valentine’s Day,” he said.

    ‘Domestic violence’

    Judge Fahy said the victim was very young and it was “unfortunate” she did not tell her family what was happening.

    “But we hear, all through our society, and not just in relation to the Travelling community — it’s in all strata of society — that women are assaulted and abused and in some instances, it’s treated by the Garda as just domestic violence, but in this case thankfully, the gardai treated it as seriously as possible and brought charges,” the judge said.

    “This man was a bully, totally controlling his wife. She had no phone, She was bossed around the place. The only reason he stayed with her was because of the child. He said he never loved her. It’s very, very serious.

    “What’s most serious, apart from the assaults, is his attitude towards her.

    “He brought her to Turkey and to Orlando, treating her like she was a possession, of no value other than to produce a son.

    “Anyone in our society with that attitude needs to be re-educated in a very serious manner and he needs to be re-educated too,” Judge Fahy said.

    She sentenced Maughan to six months in prison for the first assault and imposed a consecutive six-month sentence on him for the second attack. Leave to appeal the sentences was granted.

    Judge Fahy imposed a condition that should Maughan appeal the sentences, he was to make no contact with the complainant or any member of her family by any means.

  3. Peter Dempsey

    LOL I was going to post that

    Doubt if it’ll be mentioned.

    Shane O’Curry is quiet about it too

  4. Caroline Hurley

    I think John Connors is doing a major service to both communities. He’ll have to be strong to tolerate the kickback, but he’s in a fortunate position with his talent to turn a thick skin to that. Surely the Travellers have come up with their own version of the blues, after all they’ve been through?

    I suppose they’re an easy target, with their different ways, but plenty of settled Irish people were evicted onto the sides of roads in years gone by, and it took decades to restore their civil rights – which is what this is about. I feel joy about John’s stance. I hope it improves things all round.

  5. Eoin

    Granting an ethnic group status to the travelling community is right and proper in my opinion. However, I feel it will end up being used as a shield for the rampant criminality that dwells within the travelling community. Ethnic groups with their own ethnic rules (and even laws) need their own ethnic police force. Possilble solution?

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Well why don’t you address some of the points you take issue with rather than calling the poster a names like an hysterical child.

      2. Bluetwo

        Nah he’s right. But its not unique to traveller society to abuse a status for their own benefiting. Settled people do it all the time. Its just that when people challenge them on it we don’t tend to call them morons. Infact more often than not we tend to agree.

  6. Bluetwo

    Actor from repressed ostracized ethnic group plays a character in hit TV show which ephaisis the stereotypical perception of same said ethnic group then claims it’s not like that at all. Really!

    They are different, it is their culture, it clashes with main stream culture and that’s it really.

    1. Nigel

      And isn’t it amazing how much pushback an effort like this to resolve that clash will inspire? To show a more nuanced, positive view of that group is to help build confidence within that group to strive to do better as well as to reach out to those outside that group and invite compassion and understanding. The response is to beat it down, deny it, squash it flat, to be outraged that they do not wallow in everything that is perceived as being wrong with them. That they don’t agree with the people who think they are irredeemable. So that’s two things people like this have to push against. they’re own perception of themselves, and other people’s. no wonder they don’t stick their heads up that often.

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