31 thoughts on “Historical Site Serving

  1. Harry Molloy

    What’s the arrow pointing to then?

    If we see Site-serve do anything going forward should we send in a pic so people can be outraged?

    1. Same old same old

      Even if they think about bidding for a contract I say kick them up the HOLE! :)

  2. Terri

    Setting up O’Connell St so the elite invite only guests can watch a reenactment, while normal Irish people are excluded from the area. It’s as if nothings really changed. I’m sure redacted will be in attendance.

    1. Paddy

      And the GPO seemingly has had a multi million euro makeover, and will be open to the plebs from Tuesday.

  3. sendog

    so after months of belittling the rising the establishment gets to enjoy some limelight in surroundings built by a person who has had adverse finding in a state tribunal.

    FG really do have a deep seated hatred and contempt for Ireland.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Broadsheet commenters are becoming the internet version of moany-hole Ray D’Arcyism.

      1. sendog

        oh right so ignoring the rule of law and attempting to revise history are moaning!

        One could argue your remark is typical bow the head Paddy Irishman. Dont speak up, Keep quiet and go along with the crowd.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          sendog, you must be new.
          Mr. KFC has no business here.
          This is a local site, for local people.
          -Not for local people who pretend they live far away.

          We’ll have no trouble here.
          Don’t encourage him.

          Nor Rotide either.
          He’s another one.

    2. Paddy

      I wonder what’s in store. A laser show with special guests like Boyzone, Geldof, Cameron, Knickers Bliss, Zig and Zag, Trump marching on a red carpet to the dulcid tones of a harpist and bowing by a blueshirt. I wait with baited breath, for the celebration of all things Irish.

  4. Paddy

    From what I see there, the hoardings are built over……tram lines. If they are tram lines, then the trams wouldn’t be running ?

  5. ____

    I’m a fan of Mr. [redacted] and there are plenty of questions to be answered but…

    the flip side of it all is that there aren’t many/any? companies in the country capable of taking on the scale of contracts that they do, so they’d get the contracts anyway.

    1. Ivor

      We sold Siteserv to Redacted at a reduced rate even though there were higher bids. Redacted funded that purchase because of another sweetheart deal with a state owned bank. The Department of Finance described these arrangements as leading to “less than optimum” return to the state. That’s something of an understatement when you consider we lost 145 million on that sale.

      Now, Siteserv seems to make a considerable amount of its money from deals with the state. You can say that there aren’t many companies capable of taking on these contracts and that may be true for all I know, but the relevant point here is that Redacted received defacto funding from the state to purchase a company from the state at a firesale price that saw the state “forgiving” considerable debts and the company can only exist because it receives funding from the state in the form of contracts like these. Last December, they were announcing pre-tax profits of 14 million.

      The state could have sold site serv to another company for more money but it didn’t. It could have held on to Siteserv itself and made the same profits, but it didn’t. Instead it decided to bend over backwards to facilitate Redacted making a profit.

      1. Baz

        Within the context of the competition there were not better offers.

        You simply cannot stand over your incorrect assertion

        I suggest you familiarise yourself with the facts prior to pontificating

        1. Anne

          Eh, that’d be wrong.

          There were in fact two other better offers-
          A Bid for €52m from a company by the name of Anchorage and one for €60m from Altrad.

          DOB’s Millington end up aquiring siteserv for €45m (5 million of which go to siteserv shareholders after the sale)..

          IBRC had given Siteserv a loan for €150m, but paid back less than €40m (45 minus the 5 million windfall) as part of the sale, and wrote off the remaining €110m, thanks to you and me – the taxpayer.

          As an aside, a pay out of 5 million to shareholders of a company in massive debt kinda turns the usual rules of debt on its head.. shareholders are usually the first ones who are wiped out.. Ask anyone who owned bank shares.

      2. ____

        There’s plenty that stinks about them and I agree with the points you make about the company’s background. I just don’t think them getting the contracts they have is actually all that strange if they’re the ones best positioned and they don’t have a huge amount of competition.

        I think it’s better to focus on the really dodgy stuff than the stuff that has quite reasonable explanations.

    2. ____

      Jeez, that was a terrible place for me to leave out a *not

      Whatever about being a paid yes-man, can you imagine being an actual “fan” of the guy?

  6. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Earlier on, last night, I saw something.

    It was St. John’s Ambulance driver, driving one of those St John’s Ambulance cars that look like squad cars.
    Attached to the back was a trailer.
    Upon that trailer was a ‘reconditioned’ (I dunno) St. John’s Ambulance eh truck.
    He was on his way to the parade.

    You should’ve seen the size of the smile on that driver’s face as the Luas passed by him.
    I never saw a man so happy to be stuck on a red light.
    It was a sight to behold.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Good morning Janet.

          I’m only here because Catherine McEntee has family visiting over Easter and isn’t on-line.
          I’ll be gone again as soon as she’s back again.

          Me and her are in love,
          She’s shy, but she’ll admit it if you ask her.
          I’m not shy.

          Thanks for asking,

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