The Proclaimers


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“There’s been a lot done to discredit the leaders of 1916 and the Rising in recent months and I think that that’s because the establishment are afraid of another rebellion.

It’s brewing, it’s brewing, because we don’t live in an equal society…We can’t stop until that’s achieved.”

Actor and Traveller John Connors speaking at Damien Dempsey’s gig in Vicar Street, Dublin, on Sunday night, before he read out excerpts of the Proclamation.

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22 thoughts on “The Proclaimers

  1. han solo's carbonite dream

    I haven’t seen one thing (bar a british paper) discredit anybody from 1916 , if anything the establishment are at pains to hitch their wagon to 1916 .

    one thing I hate , I hate the leaders of 1916 spinning in their graves – this nonsense I keeep hearing makes me annoyed .

    1. Medium Sized C

      It’s nonsense.

      If anything the Connolly/ICA/Socialist element have been disproportionately blown up in the celebrations.

      If I can think of anything close to discrediting somebody, Pearse has been run down a bit, but its hardly discrediting him to suggest he was more a talker than a doer.

      1. BobbyJ

        “More talker than doer”. Interesting viewpoint.

        Read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic
        Executed for his role in the Rising

        I’d love to meet someone you regard as a “doer”

        1. classter

          Founded a school.
          Trained as a barrister.
          Edited a newspaper with a rather large circulation
          Wrote stories & poems


  2. Tish Mahorey

    Brendan O’Connor sitting for Rubbery last week made a point of saying he didn’t feel connected to the commemorations of the Rising. He writes for the Indo so that’s no surprise.

    The establishment in 1916 are the same types as we have now. Money motivated conmen who rip off their fellow citizens, defraud the state of taxes and constantly undermine employment rights via their IBEC friends and friends in the media.

    1. nellyb

      I bet he is very connected to labor rights, 40h working week, paid overtime and paid holidays. Where does he think this came from – British crown or Rothchilds :-) ? Jesus wept, truly.

    1. phil

      and this type of clumsy, rash, lazy unformed comments which causes marginalized people to despair and lean towards violent revolution …

      No matter what rational argument is put to the likes of you , those arguments will never trump your bigotry…

      1. Peter Dempsey

        So it never happens Phil. The ones carrying out the attacks on farmers are posh boys from South County Dublin who went to fee-paying schools.

  3. The florist

    I think there is a section of our fellow countrymen & women who are pissed off with our flag and history being returned to all us.

  4. Rob_G

    “…because we don’t live in an equal society…We can’t stop until that’s achieved.”

    – well, we just had an election, so you were in a position to vote for the party that you felt was best-placed to achieve this equal society for you. If you don’t like any of the current offerings, you could make your own party , as many did.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    “There’s been a lot done to discredit the leaders of 1916 and the Rising in recent months and I think….”

    Em… who said what and where….

    That’s utter nonsense, particularly if you’re talking about the media in Ireland. All of the major publications gave as many views as they could on all the leaders. Except for the blinkered view of publications like An Poblacht with it’s ‘they can never have done wrong’ approach. Other than that, most of the media, if not all I have consumed over the past couple of months have been showing as many sides as they could…

    …and what Medium Sized C said!

  6. Same old same old

    That went well

    I hope John enjoys his 15 minutes of fame before he has to go back to the robbin

  7. dan

    Connors is a stereotypical angry traveller who has a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to the so called settled community. He’s getting really boring.
    Hos idea of an equal society is one where travellers get whatever they want at the expense of the taxpayer, instead of today’s society where a large number of travellers just take what they want from the taxpayer’s property.

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