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This morning/afternoon.

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Update: Dublin Fire Brigade have put out the fire.



The proposed Vicar Street Hotel in the Liberties has already received planning permssion

The “Rock and Room” is said to be a package of tickets/room/meal and membership of a new private club on the hotel’s 8th floor with views out over the city and direct access to the venue.

The redevelopment will see the main stage moved to allow an extra 500 seats.

Peter Aiken, who has promoted shows at Vicar Street since its opening, said, “We are delighted to be involved with such an innovative scheme which will bring a new experience to our clients where they can relax after a show and not worry about getting home.”


Vicar Street set to go “Rock and Room” with new hotel (RTÉ)

Top pic; Wikipedia

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“There’s been a lot done to discredit the leaders of 1916 and the Rising in recent months and I think that that’s because the establishment are afraid of another rebellion.

It’s brewing, it’s brewing, because we don’t live in an equal society…We can’t stop until that’s achieved.”

Actor and Traveller John Connors speaking at Damien Dempsey’s gig in Vicar Street, Dublin, on Sunday night, before he read out excerpts of the Proclamation.

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