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  1. Bobby

    I don’t know how much mainstream coverage it got, but did anyone see Erdogan’s private security openly attack journalists in the US? It was a bit mad. So Erdogan has gone to war with militants and whole sections of society in Turkey, leftists, journalists, but most all all, Kurds. They’re especially being brutalised and butchered AGAIN by the Turkish State. The EU, our legitimatised and legalised representation, just gave the Turkish State and Erdogan’s parliament millions (billions?) of Euro to keep their border secure from leaking refugees, but more importantly to protect fortress Europe from reaping what it has sowed the past 1,000 years.

    1. ahyeah

      EU think they’re being cute and clever funding and utilising Erdogan. Foolish tactic that’s going to backfire spectacularly.

        1. Zarathustra

          Erdogan has covertly been phasing in his totalitarian ideology for years. A Turkish friend of mine who used to be a successful television writer has been unable to find work with any Turkish television networks for the past 5/6 years because she refuses to succumb or be bullied in to promoting/ enabling his propaganda – which is a very dangerous stance to take, especially as a woman.

      1. Harry Molloy

        you post a lot of links to you tube videos. would help if you gave a brief summary and how watching it can contribute to a discussion

        1. rory

          You sound like you don’t like what I post in general.
          If you watch the above video on youtube the subtitles come up automatically. I made the mistake of thinking they would come up automatically here also.

  2. passing through

    So the Independent thinks it’s news that the Berkeley company is going to contest the claims? Any large, medium or small company would do so. It will no doubt come up with some loophole implying that there were far too many students on the darn balcony.

    1. Wayne.F

      Not likely, considering how many were actually on the balcony when it gave way, the rest were injured, or killed attempting to rescue those at risk

      1. Sam

        Are you claiming that there was enough alcohol in their system to add any significant load on the balcony? If not, then it is irrelevant how drunk they were. ‘they didn’t drunkenly fall over the edge of a structurally sound balcony, it fell from under them.

        1. Twunt

          In America being drunk matters and personal responsibility is a thing. If you allow revellers onto your balcony the responsibility is yours. If you allow overcrowding, negligence shifts towards you. That is just the way it is.

          1. Sam

            The joints had rotted due to water infiltration, and so the balcony was not properly supported. It seems the US ain’t too interested in corporate responsibility. That’s just the way it is over there, eh?
            If only it was a large publicly known company whose brand was too valuable for them to simply shut up shop and reopen as a new company, with the same shareholders and directors…

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Yaaaaaaaaawn… sorry, what I miss?

            Mmmmm a hot cup of fresh outrage! Just what I need to wake up!

          3. Tired old refrain

            The airing of the grief trolls never stops to consider how much responsibility the unfortunate victims had for their own demise. It’s pretty clear there was a bunch of mad out of it drunks out on that balcony which it wasn’t designed for ( no balcony is). But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good oul whinge and tabloid bitch carnival.
            It would be a far better message to send to our young people who lets face it are far smarter than the previous incestuous priest ridden generations, that if you get locked out of your head and do silly things, bad Shiite can happen

          4. Anne

            ” It’s pretty clear there was a bunch of mad out of it drunks out on that balcony which it wasn’t designed for ( no balcony is)”

            Mad out of it drunks? Were you there?

            No balcony is?
            Where’d you get that from?
            Here they’re made from steel and the steel would part of the main steel frame structure of a building.

            There were no weight limit restriction notices in the complex.
            The issue was that the balcony frame was made from wood and the wood got wet in the construction stage and the water was encapsulated and rot set in. There were reports from other tenants of mushrooms growing out on the balconies in the complex.
            You could have had two people sitting out there and it may have given way at some stage.

            People do not have extra vision to see what a structure is made of, and if it doesn’t hold the capacity of the amount of people who would fit on it, then you would imagine there would be weight restrictions listed.. like in elevators for instance.

            Here’s some info I found on the weight restrictions of the balcony –

            “The balcony was built under 1998 city codes mandating that it hold 60 pounds per square foot, with a 1.5 safety factor — meaning it could potentially hold 90 pounds per square foot, according to Astaneh-asl. Under that code, he said, the balcony should have been able to withstand the weight of the 13 people who fell from it.

            “(The balcony) could take these 13 people, but then because of the dry rot, the factor of safety is gone,” Astaneh-Asl said.

            The safety factor was gone.. nothing to do with being ‘mad out of it drunk’.

          5. CT

            You’re right to an extent, Anne, but there’s an environmental context here. Balconies in Ireland/UK/Northern Europe necessarily have a steel structure support, but that’s not the case in Southern Europe. The former has a damp climate, the latter doesn’t. I don’t know anything about building codes in California, but I’d guess they’re more like Southern Europe than Northern Europe. Still, though, that doesn’t mean that there should have been any water ingress. But the problem wasn’t timber v steel. The materials were fine. It’s that it wasn’t done right. And that can’t be contested – this was a 10 or 20-year-old building (to my eye). The thing is, though, you’re shooting fish in a barrel with a legal case over poor design etc, but that wasn’t the case here. The engineers/architects did their job. This was a site-level error, but that’s really hard to prove. The fact that it’s blindingly obvious gets you nowhere.

          6. Fergus the magic postman

            There seems to be a relatively new thing:
            people who get outraged by people being outraged over something worthy of outrage .

            I notice it’s mostly the same sort of person who used to shout “oh here we go again, the pc brigade” or something similar. Usually a person with very right wing views in general.

            Donald Trump, & his followers would be a very good example of the sort I’m talking about, but there are some very good examples closer to home too, in fact right here in the comments of BS.

  3. Mark My Little Words He'll Be Back in RTE in 12 Months

    Ah the Old Lady of Tara Street giving a soapbox to the Old Lady of Donnybrook: The non-smokers Marian Finuance Olivia O’Leary. Our very own royalty.

  4. terraFORMA

    Giving credence to attention-seeking pseud Donal Skehan … The Times is the Indo, run by Hyacinth Bucket.

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