Dee Forbes

Following a rigorous recruitment process overseen by its Board, RTE has today appointed Dee Forbes as Director-General. This appointment is subject to the Government’s consent under Section 89 of the Broadcasting Act 2009.

Ms Forbes is currently president and managing director of Discovery Networks Northern Europe, and will leave the role to become Director General of Ireland’s National Public Service Media.

Having joined Discovery in 2010 as Head of the UK/Ireland operation, Ms Forbes progressively grew her responsibilities to eventually lead the Northern Europe region, which also includes Benelux and the Nordic countries, and has a wide mix of channels, both free to air and subscription.

Ms Forbes will assume her new role later this year after a transition period.

Dee Forbes appointed next director general of RTÉ (Irish Times)

RTE appoints Dee Forbes as new Director General (RTE)

Pic: RTE 

51 thoughts on “Dee G

    1. ahyeah

      and an external appointment too…there’s some real anger inside RTE this evening. lovely to see.

    1. TheDude

      Put Tubs, Miriam, Daithi & BO’Connor out on the Bering Sea and they can double the license fee

      1. Lilly

        What’s wrong with commenting on how a person chooses to present themselves to the world, it reveals a lot about the character. I’d take a sissors to that mutton hair for starters.

        1. Cromuel

          Strangely, it’s an automatic response to a woman, but not the first choice of response to a man.

  1. Charles

    Ah Discovery, a channel that used to be interesting, informative and educational. Now nor so much.

    1. The Dude

      A bit like RTÉ so.

      But was it honest – and are people required to pay a Brainwash Tax to keep it going?

  2. Harry Molloy

    I’ll try to buck the hyper-critical trend and suggest tat she seems to be very well qualified and it is good to see a little a female in such a senior and influential position

  3. Yep

    Is the headline used so the reader will end the phrase with “box”?

    Poor form. Bodger.

  4. some old queen

    Hopefully she will be able to cease the animal abuse which appears to be a recurrent theme on the Late Late now. She may be even able to replace Turbity with someone who has an actual personality.

    1. B Bop

      Lambs lambing last night…awful stuff…so a jumped up comedian could get his kicks & snigger about smells & goo.

  5. Drogg

    So I wonder can she return the quality and games to rte sport or is it destined to be broadcast on other channels from now on?

  6. Donger


    1. Clampers Outside!

      Yeah, the important stuff…. pffft. The rambling intolerance of the intollerant. Will you be banning Mass next? :(

      There’s a lot to be said for another Mass!

      1. Donger

        I wouldn’t call it a ban, it’s just not relevant to a lot of people and quite a strange thing to broadcast every day. A lot of vulnerable people have suffered at the hands of the church yet they’re still on a pedestal. They can stick it on demand if it means so much to you

  7. Quint

    She has her work cut with out…she’s taking a step back by taking over such a dysfunctional and inert organisation. This is, after all, a broadcaster that still shows the Angelus, has two dreadful chat-shows on every weekend and reeks of who-you-know nepotism. A lot to do.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Good question. Are they obligated to tell, though? Through FOI or something?

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Excellent work Scooperman! This is the quality investigative journalism that RTE are sadly lacking in :D

  8. some old queen

    First time someone external has been appointed in 50 years? Says it all really. Good luck to her. She will need it. What about a whip round to buy her an electric cattle prod?

  9. Tish Mahorey

    The Indo are really pissed off that one of the Redacted applicants didn’t get the job. They are seething. You should read their ‘article’ on it.

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