Is There Anything To Be Said For Another Mesh?


edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-010edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-01 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-02 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-06 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-013 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-015

Basilica di Siponto – a ghostly interpretation of an early Christian church at the Archaeological Park of Siponto in Italy constructed from wire mesh by artist Edoardo Tresoldi.

The original building once stood at this spot.


8 thoughts on “Is There Anything To Be Said For Another Mesh?

  1. Eoin

    I’d love to see a lazer light show right in the middle of that. Dry ice and all. Maybe a DJ.

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