You Complete Me



Do you have a third of a ton?

Sean Hodkinson writes:

I found 1/3 of a €50 note in the basket of a Dublin bike at Grand Canal Dock.[Dublin 2] this afternoon. It was in stand no.13. If anyone has the other 2/3 let me know and we’ll combine our powers!


13 thoughts on “You Complete Me

  1. The Old Boy

    More fool them. The person with two thirds of a note can redeem it for a new one at the Central Bank and their local branch will probably accept it.

    1. D2dweller

      Provided both serial numbers are on it. This guys 1/3 are useless as there is no serials

        1. Niallo

          Unless theyve been through the washing machine, speaking from bitter experience here…

  2. Dee Cunniffe

    I used to eat my lunch in Blessington Basin and more than once I was approached by a gentleman full of woes about losing half a €50 note and how he really needed to get a bus and he’d be willing to sell me the half he still possessed for a €5 – the bank would definitely give me a brand new 50 note, he was too busy to go to the bank himself. Needless to say I always passed on the deal.

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