Listeners To The End


A slave to the man, then this.

Further to the news that [often excellent] TXFM will cease to be.

TXFM’s Joe Donnelly writes:

We have been flooded with heartbreaking, joyous, funny, moving, genuine, poignant, sad, philosophical and reassuring messages.We’ve received hundreds and hundreds of texts, tweets, emails, and social media or web posts. During the past two shows, I’ve been sat in the studio thinking to myself: ‘What on earth is going on here?’


TXFM 105.2

15 thoughts on “Listeners To The End

  1. Starina

    WTF, I know I complain about it a lot but I’ve been listening to that station in its various incarnations since I moved to Ireland 14 years ago!!!

    What happened to yer man SImon buying the license?

  2. Alex Francis

    What’s going on Joe is your paymaster, Denis O’Brien, is letting the license go because his other stations- Today FM, Spin, 98FM and Newstalk have the entire gamut of listenership sewn up. The couple of hundred souls that stick with the ‘alternative’ sounds of TXFM no longer interest him. The good news is all the good staff will be redeployed to one of his other channels. The bad news, the deadwood will get their marching orders.
    Thus spake Clodaghs Atomic clock.

  3. Ger Nalist

    TXFM is genuinely my favourite music station. Can’t believe it can’t build up a sufficient audience to sustain itself when sh*te like Sunshine and Q102 apparently can

  4. Talismania!

    I for one will miss it when it’s gone. Nice mix of Dad rock and some fresher stuff, the kids don’t groan half as much at it as they do Radio Nova.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      Nova have been upping their game recently. I’ve heard more New Wave/New Romantic as well as modern hard rock and indie bits like Royal Blood.

      1. Tired old refrain

        That is completely true – well if you call that upping their game :) each to their own I guess

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Better than the same five songs every hour, which is what they used to do – the reason I stopped listening to Nova.

  5. Gock

    It will be sad to see TXfm go. Apart from that show Joe and some other guy did where they tried very hard to be lighthearted and scampish, everything they did was great. The big difference between TXfm (and even more so Phantom before it) and the rest of the stations out there is that it was very obvious listening to TXfm that all those involved were really into music. Of course you couldn’t guarantee that every song they played would be one you liked but there was a passion evident there not present in any of the other stations. They have also been very good at supporting new music, Irish bands and smaller labels. I, for one, will actually really miss being able to confidently turn on the radio secure in the knowledge that the station I turn to will play mostly music that I like. I really hope that those involved manage to come back with something similar.

    Thanks TXfm. You will be missed.

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