For Your Consideration: Them’s The Breaks


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A new Irish documentary inspired by the #WakingTheFeminists movement which looks at gender inequality in the Arts in Ireland – specifically after the Abbey Theatre’s Waking the Nation 2016 Centenary Programme included just one female playwright.

Director Sarah Corcoran writes:

We are currently crowdfunding and our deadline is this Friday. Today is our matchfund day, in which an anonymous funder has agreed to double any pledge made today until midnight in the hopes us pushing us closer to our target!

So whatever you give will be doubled!

We have some great perks up for grabs including a spot at a Feminist Panel in the Autumn, your name in the credits or a spot at filmmaking workshop.

Them’s The Breaks (FundIt)

10 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Them’s The Breaks

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    There is no gender inequality in Irish theatre. The Abbey 2016 programme should not be a used as a yard stick. More men submit plays to the Abbey (Abbey stats), and more men get rejected by the Abbey, them’s also the breaks.

    1. pedeyw

      It’s a broader question than specifically being about the Abbey. Why is it that more men submit plays to the Abbey? I can’t see anything inherently masculine about being a playwright.

  2. Rob_G

    I wish you all the best, and hope that you get your funding, but my oh my that sounds like a very navel gaze-y and dull idea for a film.

  3. rotide

    Note to producer: Don’t do your PTC in front of a fish eye lens if you want donations.

  4. Baz

    I’ll try again, Broadsheet failed to approve my first post here, free speech and all that they champion!

    Anyway, here’s another angle

    You can shoot a movie on a smartphone , you can edit a movie with free software, spend a little if you wish, as always, if the story is so ‘fantastic’ then the plea for €10k sounds rather silly,

    Unless a sugar momma appears this project will be doomed, they want €10k but that won’t fund the project, no, that’ll take €50k maybe more, they just want €10k for now, they don’t even have the €10k but will blow this 10k ‘on stuff’ without having the other €40k funding in place to complete


    Go make the project with what you have, if it’s truly so amazing and exciting as pleaded we will be glued to our screens.

    €10k for now, but that’s not enough…… Jeez this is embarrassing

  5. kingo

    sounds like great craic. all the usual suspects, bacik, mullaly, the odd asian sapphic broadcaster.

  6. Sheik Yahbouti

    I’m not w*anking the feminists, someone else can do it. BTW I am a feminist :-)

  7. curmudegon

    Take note potential playwrights, it’s not the quality of your submission that counts it’s your gender!

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