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Feeling philanthropic?

We sure hope so as Wexford-based singer/songwriter Carol Keogh (top) is looking to crowdfund her next double album The Wolf Chronicles via the indiegogo website (details below).

Having sang with The Plague Monkeys, Autamata, Side4 Collective and her own band The City Fathers, Carol will be recording under the name The Wicc for this project.

Nick says: Go fund her!

The Wicc : The Wolf Chronicles – album campaign (Indiegogo)

Carol Keogh

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 14.42.17

A new Irish documentary inspired by the #WakingTheFeminists movement which looks at gender inequality in the Arts in Ireland – specifically after the Abbey Theatre’s Waking the Nation 2016 Centenary Programme included just one female playwright.

Director Sarah Corcoran writes:

We are currently crowdfunding and our deadline is this Friday. Today is our matchfund day, in which an anonymous funder has agreed to double any pledge made today until midnight in the hopes us pushing us closer to our target!

So whatever you give will be doubled!

We have some great perks up for grabs including a spot at a Feminist Panel in the Autumn, your name in the credits or a spot at filmmaking workshop.

Them’s The Breaks (FundIt)


“There is a certain sickness to always wanting a happy ending if the desire for it is driven by a fear of seeing things as they are. But there is another force much deeper than fear. The will to live. The will to live with the sadness, loss and life that is life.”

Simon Fitzmaurice


Simon Fitzmaurice (top on TV3’s Ireland Am in 2008) has made two acclaimed short movies Full Circle (2003) and The Sound of People (2007).

With the public’s help he would like to make his first – excellently titled – full length feature.

Currently €13,034 towards a €200,000 goal.

My Name Is Emily (Indiegogo)



A damn hipstery video explaining the role of Linked Finance, a facilitator and playa in the growing Irish crowd-funding sector.

The Dublin-based firm holds online auctions that allow people to “register their interest, pledge the amount of money they want to lend and the rate of interest they expect in return”.

There’s got to be a catch.

Peter O’Mahony of Linked Finance writes

Our technology offers a new and painless way for businesses to borrow money from a large group of real people, including their own customers.. Lenders can invest as little as €50 or as much as €2000 in any one project so everyone can get involved and help get funding back into businesses in ireland, while making themselves a return of between 5-15%’.


Crowd Funding provides complete transparency to both the lender and borrower and it brings lending back to basics where a lender simply deposits funds and when there are enough funds available loans can be made to credit worthy borrowers.


There are no complicated financial instruments or subprime lending. LinkedFinance takes no part in the funding and does not leverage the debt. We are simply a facilitator who puts people with disposable funds in contact with people in need of funds to run or develop their business. At its heart is the community.

There MUST be a catch.