26 thoughts on “You Complete Yaris

  1. Smith

    Probably belongs to the garage it’s parked outside….I’m still outraged though, completely outraged!

  2. Hank

    I’ve dropped my car into that garage before and, if they’re full inside, they tell you to park it there.
    I am also outraged though..

    1. Disasta

      Mate of mine crashed his into the back of a bus at low speed. The people got off saying they didn’t feel a thing. The bus driver got 20 something grand for whiplash.

  3. Owen

    Looks to be a pretty big purpose built pavement the other side of the road…. as opposed to this car parked on what may be a pavement, or dropped curb, or entrance, beyond the double yellow.

    Seems like a rather pointless reason to be annoyed. Turn around and lets see the pavement behind you. Put the entire rd in context, otherwise you are just looking for support in your wrongly placed annoyance.

  4. 3stella

    It’s a pavement on a busy lane, Owen, I’m sorry I didn’t spoon fed the narrative you usually require, make a 360 3D movie, do a aerial, get a high court recommendation, so you can hum ha more. If you park on the pavement your a nob, end of.

    1. Owen

      Still looking for support in that annoyance I see.

      Well, next time try harder to get the intent to support you in full. This is a car that is perhaps parked poorly. I cannot tell if it is without more context.

  5. Scott Fairweather

    it is a pavement but to be honest just one car at that spot is a good day… usually there is a dozen!

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    I can see a long line of indignant buggy-pushers in the rear window reflection all reporting this crime on social media and waving their arms. I believe Joe.ie have arrived to interview the driver.

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