36 thoughts on “A Lidl Too Close

  1. Murtles

    Left Twix, Right Twix type of scenario. If ever there was a place to have an egg fight this is it. Lidl throwers one side of the road, Aldi throwers the other. Whoevers brand of eggs fly truest and hit their targets, they’ll be my choice for brekky.

    1. ivan

      Yup. There’s a Viz mash-up/p*ss-take of the old Dandy cartoon The Jocks and the Geordies in that idea

  2. Grouse

    This is perfect. You can do your grocery shopping in Lidl and then head over the road for gin.

      1. Grouse

        The Old Hopking gin from Aldi is amazingly decent for the price. It’s nicer than a lot of the usual €20 options.

          1. D2dweller

            Both Hendricks and Cork are terrible gins. Take it from somebody who knows more than you.

    1. dav

      when the flub did gin become a “thing”. was in the pub a few days ago & there was a gin menu been shown around,

      1. Harry Molloy

        cos it’s class! Hendricks, cucumber and pepper, I’ve converted everyone, even my farmer friends :)

        1. Donger

          Bars are now competing to see who can put the largest amount of stuff in your glass of gin. I’ve seen cinnamon sticks, berries, peppercorns, coriander leaves, cucumbers

          1. irishstu

            Gin is made from berries, so berries make sense.
            Though you wouldn’t stick wheat or a potato in a vodka.

  3. Joxer

    great to see more employment coming into the EW area… hopefully a few jobs for the locals.

  4. Fairhill

    A few jobs for the local Polish, Lithuainian, and a couple of token grumpy Irish who will hate working there with all the non nationals

    1. Smashmouth

      Very true

      The unemployed Irish friends i have wont even consider working in Spar/Lidl/Aldi but are happy to pick up their dole each month

  5. missred

    Excellent. Will be raiding the Lidl for the bakery. Can’t pick whose yogurt is better though

    1. martco

      good call the Lidl bakery makes an effort for a supermarket, I miss Superquinn :(

      Aldi has quite the chequered past in employee and supplier relations

      they also subject of one of the longstanding urban myths out there…re the brothers etc.

      1. Tom

        They’ve started experimenting with the flavours.
        Makes a nice change. Hard to beat the rhubarb layer though

  6. Liam

    great – into Lidl for the hammer drill and circular saw, then over to Aldi for a power washer and a kayak.

    Milk? damn, forgot that.

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