How To Sing Raglan Road




Fiona O’Malley writes:

If you liked RTÉ’s Centenary [Easter Rising concert], you’ll love Maynooth University Chamber Choir performing Raglan Road. It’s simply stunning. Performed in the University of Arizona. The Soloist is called Francis Flood and the conductor is Michael Dawson.

In fairness:

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27 thoughts on “How To Sing Raglan Road

    1. Custo

      Not sure about that. She’s got an amazing voice but seems to be adding her own wierd timing to the song.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The Definitive version. Nobody sings it like Luke, but as a choral peice, the Maynooth choir do a beautiful job.

      1. Cromuel

        Brings tears to my eyes, every time – what is it about that soft brass sound like velvet under her voice!

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