19 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Probably. You see, in the UK when a politician is caught out being a two faced p-rick resignation normally follows. An alien concept to us Irish, I know, but there you have it.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Hey Sheik,

      My lover whose name is Catherine McEntee, which rhymes with ‘she loves me’, she used to think me and you were the same person.
      That’s probably the highest compliment you’ll ever get on this website.

      She thought you were me…She thought I was you.
      What higher accolade could you ever hope for?

      Me, I don’t see the connection at all.
      It’s totally lost on me.

      You must be sound if she says so.
      I just don’t get it.

  2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Do you what I do in these times?
    I talk to myself or I listen to ‘Loveless’ by My Bloody Valentine.
    Tonight I’m gonna do both, just to confuse issues.
    I’m also drunk and stoned.
    I could do with another joint and another shot of whiskey.
    (I hate that term, ‘another shot'[‘. it sounds like you’re allowing someone else to measure it, They can flip off.)

    You have to excuse me.
    I’m in work. I work nights, and that’s why I talk to myself.
    I like being a bollix. It’s about the only fun I’m gonna have tonight.
    Catherine went to bed ages ago.
    I’m nice.

    No messing.
    I have a new girlfriend, one who tempers me beyond my tolerance.
    Serious LOVE.
    You wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t ask for you to comprehend it.

    That’s why i’ll NEVER fight again on this site.

    I’m madly in love.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I love everybody, so fupp off..


      Catherine, wake up.
      I don’t remember what this thread is about anymore.
      I think nobody else does too.
      It’s all fupped.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Go away you gobpoo, and take off that red dress.
        You look stupid.
        You were much prettier in blue.

        You look like Anne.
        (Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. You don’t look anything like Anne. Please don’t take offence.)

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The few times I’ve been to Spanish Arch there were always people sleeping out on that grassy patch. If they were that locked I’d say its fairly easy to fall in.

    2. Twunt

      Students and young uns,out of their mind on drink and or drugs, seem to have tumbles into various canals. A lot of these unfortunates would have been in one or two establishments beforehand.

    3. Harry Molloy

      I was eight years in galway and never heard of it.

      well, you would sometimes hear someone “fell in ” which was a kind of euphemism for suicide…

      not saying it doesn’t happen though

  3. some old queen

    Never thought I would hear myself saying this but Cameron getting the boot would be a really bad thing. The Brexit referendum is on the cards in June and he is the biggest supporter of staying in.

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