Republic Of Lose



The Un-Republic.

By Mike Casey, who writes:

We’re told that the events of Easter 1916 led to the formation of the Irish Republic. A Republic is defined as Rule By Law, but in Ireland – as we all know – protection under law, and access to justice, is not automatic and is instead dependent on status, power, influence, connection and wealth. This is the opposite of a Republic; it’s an Un-Republic….



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67 thoughts on “Republic Of Lose

    1. pedeyw

      Syrian refugees should not be used as a yardstick to measure “how good we have it”. It’s like saying you should stop complaining about protesters because there are civil wars happening.

    2. DT

      Syrian refugees are fleeing from the horror and atrocities of a brutal civil war.

      These protesters are campaigning against a tax designed to raise revenue to improve the national water service, while reducing household consumption of a precious and costly resource.

      They have a right to protest certainly, and if viewed as an austerity tax, I can see their point alright, but equating them with Syrian refugees is facetious in the extreme.

      1. dan

        How does a flat rate water charge reduce consumption?
        How does paying 750 million on meters and not using them reduce water consumption?
        How does allowing 60% of water leak away reduce consumption?
        Iw pays twice the average salary and has twice the average number of water employees when compared to the UK. How does this help?
        How is water a precious resource when we have an abundance of it? Is oil a precious resource in Saudi Arabia?

        1. Rob_G

          “How is water a precious resource when we have an abundance of it?”

          – good man; drink some untreated rainwater there and let us know how you get on.

          1. Disasta

            It’s expensive to clean water. The facilities cost a fortune.

            But they’d be a lot easier to pay for if we hadn’t guaranteed bondholders.
            They payments should go, not the water tax.

  1. rotide

    Watched about 30 seconds of that and just saw some admirable restraint from guards in the face of morons

    1. Tish Mahorey

      “some admirable restraint from guards”

      That’s their job. It’s not a personal choice for them.

  2. Friscondo

    Oh, mother of god. Sounds like some nightmarish marriage of the Wolfe Tones and M People.

  3. gallantman

    No wonder there is such a backlog in the Supreme Court. All of the country’s finest Constitutional lawyers are out there badgering Gardai.

  4. Continuity Jay-Z

    Amazing. So edgy and on point. My on Lt criticism would be that it should have been called ‘Batein’s From the Guards’.

  5. bacchus

    Scumbags. In most other European countries they would have been baton charged and quite rightly.

  6. Anomanomanom

    So is this post about the garda doing a great job against protestets, mouthy protester and some protesters assaulting them while they are doing their job? Because if it is then it’s spot on.

  7. Paps

    Disgusting carry on, like disobedient kids getting a kick out of causing a fuss. Taking some sick sense of satisfaction from abusing others doing their job. The absolute dregs of society, we’d be better off without them.
    Especially that scumbag Derek. What a national embarrassment.

    1. dan

      There have been hundreds of thousands of peaceful water protestors, yet the Broadsheet rag shows this clip.
      which has feck all to do with the article written. and you idiots fall for it every time!

      1. rotide

        I don’t have any huge problems with peaceful water protesters.

        It’s the idiot scrotes shouting ‘SHAY-EM SHAY-EM’ and inciting violence at people doing their jobs I have a problem with

  8. Léigh anois go cúramach

    How many absolute gombeens are going to go on about 1916 without opening a history book? The “Republic” proclaimed in 1916 did not come into being until 1948 after Fine Gael signed into law the Republic of Ireland Act:, and by most counts it is not the Republic of the proclamation anyway.

    The Republic created by the act does so by removing the King as the head of state and changing the description of of the country to the “Republic of Ireland”.

    Anyone who believes in the Ireland in which they live is the Ireland of the proclamation would do well to read the Good Friday agreement. Better yet, they might go ask our gallant allies in Europe what’s with all the water charges.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I read your name and I hear this:

      “Haigh a Sheamus!”
      “Ó haigh a Ghobnáit! Conas atà tu? Cá bhfuil an madra?”

  9. DubLoony

    I recognize some of those people. There’s a few of them that seem to feature a lot in protests where they star.
    If you think that this stuff is spontaneous, think again.

    There are fringe groups who used the water protests to ferment confrontation with gardai, politicians etc They don’t care about water, they just want to bring the “system” down.

    1. Verbatim

      Perhaps it’s something in the water that’s making them “want to bring the ‘system’ (that so beautifully serves them) down”.

    2. Kieran NYC

      “They don’t care about water, they just want to bring the “system” down.”

      Like Broadsheet then

  10. 15 cents

    the strongly right wing side of broadsheet commenters coming bursting thru on this thread. you all sound like grumpy old men complaining about the kids today and how easy they have it. real ‘get off my lawn’ heads.

    1. dav

      Don’t tell them that Thatcher died not knowing her own name – it upsets them too much

  11. Cian

    Worth noting: Fair use is a US legal doctrine, that has no application in Irish law.

    The fact that they claim that at the start is a good clue as to how much attention to pay to this…

  12. Tish Mahorey

    What you should all take from this is that there is a very large section of society who feel abandoned and hated by the state institutions.

    But no, you all indulge in petty snobbery and social apartheid as if you’re closer to the international money class than you are to these people.

    1. :-Joe

      @Tish Mahorey

      So true… a very large percentage of people in this country are only one pay-check away from falling into a state of destitution i.e possibly becoming unemployed, homeless(house-less) or needing some form of social welfare or assistance from the state.

      I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but hypothetically, I’d love to see if they are as smarmy with their comments while in that situation.

      Trolls and/or imbeciles.


  13. some old queen

    Two years ago we took the Black Taxi tour of Belfast otherwise known as the grim tour by local cynics / friends. It takes you to where all the recent historical events took place. Also biased depending on where you book it as the commentator is the taxi man.

    Our driver said one thing which resonated in my mind. He said that if mobile phones had have been around then, a lot of what happened then would have not have been allowed.

    A very fair point.

      1. some old queen

        What I am saying is that as a rule, mobile technology is a good thing and Joan Burton scored a major own goal.

        But, my opinion is that attempting to humiliate or intimidate those young gaurds by sticking cameras into their faces was also not acceptable and because of that, this video has lost more support than it gained. Clear?

  14. :-Joe

    Always good to see politically active citizens protesting together in solidarity for a better democracy.

    Good luck living in your future fascist dictatorship if you think stopping this kind of behaviour or reducing the people’s right to protest in general is a good idea.

    If this country wasn’t run by a bunch of unaccountable greedy gombeen fools taking advice and orders from the international financial and corporate elite we might have some proper functioning progressive social institutions that would alleviate the suffering on many people in this country and not necessitate more of these protests taking place.

    Shame on every one of you ignorant fupheads commenting here that the people in the video are in some way, sub-human or of any less value to society than yourselves. Your pathetic reasoning, blatant stupidity and vile attitude is the first part of your problem with this situation. Fix it fast or go and fupp yourselves, losers. Anywhere would be better off without you.


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