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Alison Spittle


Alan Bennett writes:

[very funny person] Alison Spittle has launched her own chat show podcast. It is now live on The HeadStuff Podcast Network on

It’s called (drumroll… ) The Alison Spittle Show.

The first audio podcast episode has Kevin McGahern (host of Republic of Telly). We talk about being children, terrorism and Daniel O’Donnell removing a bun from Kevin’s jeans.

If you want to see it live, you’re in luck because TOMORROW Friday there’s a live recording on the Workman’s Club [Wellington Quay, Dublin 2,

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 1 (

Alison Spittle

20 thoughts on “The Alison Spittle Show

      1. Mani

        Don’t. She spins online bullying into self-promotional gold, like a demented Rumpilstiltskin

  1. Martin

    she’s awful whenever she’s on with George Hook, so I’ll give this a miss thanks.

  2. Brendan O'

    Headstuff is more middle class lefty whitest Irish with a Twitter account. Spittle is one of their favourite people.

  3. Dolores Delorean

    She proves that properly executed self promotion will get you further than talent in the world of Irish comedy

  4. Dolores Delorean

    just watched her perform at the Edinburgh Fringe on The Comedians (?) on TV3 – who gave her the idea that she was funny?

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