I Am Not Your Father, D’Arcy



Fr Brian D’Arcy

Staying in tomorrow night?

Ma, that priest is on again.

Rayna Connery writes:

On this week’s Ray D’Arcy Show Father Brian D’Arcy will be dropping by to reflect on his 47 years as a priest, and to share his memories of the late Terry Wogan and Frank Kelly, amongt others. Dr. Pixie McKenna will lift the lid on what young Irish people really think about sex and sexual health. Republic of Telly star Joanne McNally will be updating us on her search for her birth parents…music will be provided by up and coming Dublin band State Lights

Ray D’Arcy Show tomorrow on RTÉ One at 10:05pm.

10 thoughts on “I Am Not Your Father, D’Arcy

  1. passing through

    why do researchers and the likes in RTE release this information. It just makes one plan one’s Saturday night to go out. At least if one didn’t know who the guests were, one might stay in to see who they were.
    As for Dr Pixie McKenna? She was on Brendan OConnor, I think she was on the Late Late also … so why RAy D’Arcy? When is RTE going to get rid of this excuse of a show and put on a good film.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      You can actually stay in and leave the telly off and put on some sounds or catch up on some good radio (one medium RTE does actually do alright), or read, party, make love, learn a language, paint, knit, bathe, write a letter…….

    2. Anne

      I wouldn’t be relying on RTE to put on a good film… you might get an old Bond movie if you’re lucky.

      Try Showbox or Popcorntime.

      1. apoPlexy

        Popcorntime is for rank amateurs, moody shared Plex accounts are where it’s at… *taps nose knowingly*

    3. bubbleandsqueak

      It’s one of the conditions for the millions they get from the Vintners.

      It’s the only explanation that makes sense for the continuing shambles that is the Late Late and the D’Arcy show.

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