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Village on the Seanad elections:

Village is a campaigning magazine. Two of its key agendas are equality and sustainability.
Two thoughtful and evidence-led champions of these issues are respectively Oisín Coghlan of Friends of the Earth and Rory Hearne of Tasc, standing for the Trinity and NUI panels.

…In the same spirit NUI voters might want to avoid voting for Michael McDowell (strangely
endorsed recently by LGBTI campaigner, Katherine Zappone TD, who – if she had any interest
in Equality would know better)…

….Just one of the three outgoing NUI senators, Ronan Mullen, is seeking reelection. The other two, Fergal Quinn and John Crown, are not running again.

Current Trinity Senators, Prof Ivana Bacik, David Norris and Prof Sean Barrett are all standing again in this election. Norris, a long-term campaigner on progressive issues, is the longest-serving senator on the panel, while Bacik is Reid Professor of Criminal Law in the Law School, and a former TCDSU President.

She is a solid and excellent candidate with an unimpeachable record on both equality and the environment; and she is a generous contributor to Village…



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16 thoughts on “Anything Good In Village?

  1. dave g k

    The key message I took from glancing at the cover was that the nation needs to wake up and start performing a ’69’ on the person in the bed beside them.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      ….plus the charming reference to the 2016 Paralympic Games as the ‘Paralytics’.

  2. dan

    “Two of its key agendas are equality”. So why campaign for votes in an undemocratic election instead of campaigning for reform?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Better again

      Why blatantly endorse a candidate who’s been rejected by the electorate time and time, constituency and constituency eile, again


          1. classter

            Fine, but there is no contradiction in supporting a candidate you believe worthy & being in favour of equal rights for all.

            Village doesn’t have to blindly follow the current views of the electorate in all matters. Twould be a fairly boring magazine if it did that.

  3. Jake38

    “Two thoughtful and evidence-led champions of these issues are respectively Oisín Coghlan of Friends of the Earth and Rory Hearne of Tasc, standing for the Trinity and NUI panels……” Commisar Rory!? Hilarious!

  4. DubLoony

    We need to define our terms better when dealing with inequality.
    If you earn more than me, we have unequal incomes – is that bad? If you are a brain surgeon, I have no problem with that.

    To me, one of the biggest inequalities we have is young adults, who can’t begin an independent adult life:
    -Starting pay of teachers, nurses, gardai etc
    -U25 €100 social welfare payment is an obvious one.
    -Erosion of entry level jobs due to culture of “intern”
    – Rent / housing costs & 20% deposit (which is a sensible move but no houses in reach)
    – Childcare costs.
    All this to preserve pensions for people in their 50s.

    1. DubLoony

      Which is why I have voted for younger candidates for NUI panel. Its not a retirements home, time to rebalance representation.

  5. bisted

    …hope Ivana gets thumped…I used to think she was a wonderfully articulate social campaigner but she turned out to be just another labour factotem…like the smart girl on the debating team who could talk as passionately for the motion she had just opposed…

  6. ahjayzis

    Didn’t Bacik vote through every regressive budget, every mean-minded cut to the weakest the last government coughed up?

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