Once Upon A Time In The West



The IFTA-winning An Klondike.

The first western to be made in Ireland (in and around the Glengowla mines in Oughterard, Co Galway).

Ciara writes:

The bilingual TV drama An Klondike [created and directed by Dathaí Keane and produced by Abú Media,Inverin, Co Galway] was nominated for 9 IFTA [Irish Film and Television Academy] awards It won FOUR: Best Drama (above), Lead Actor Drama, Hair & Make-Up, and Script Drama.

A fantastic result for all involved (I wasn’t involved by the way!). On the TG4 website [link below], the show is available on the Player for another 3 weeks, cut as four episodes. It is also available cut as a film (poster top). Might be worth mentioning if people are looking for something good to watch.

An Klondike (TG4)

13 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In The West

  1. Steak on the horn

    This looks great, you need more of a blurb for those who can’t watch the trailer.
    Had to go to IMDB to realise that it was some fantastical western set in Ireland (I struggled with that concept and had to be sure I was wrong, thankfully I was and it sounds like a great show)
    Will be giving this a watch later. Are the as gaeilge bits subtitled? Herself won’t watch it otherwise

    1. Steak on the horn

      my comment should read :to realise that it WASN’T some fantastical western set in Ireland”

  2. Nigel

    No idea if this is any good, but TG4 seems to be the home of ambitious drama when it comes to Irish television.

      1. Nigel

        If they sell it to the international markets they’ll make it back, too, and hopefully plough it into more quality drama. I know TG4 is part of RTE, but the failure of RTE to consistently and sustainably turn the creative talent available to them into good television with international appeal is mind-boggling.

  3. Birneybau2

    While I’ve hear this is great, IFTA winning means sweet f’ all.

    Complete irrelevance.

  4. munkifisht

    Looks great. I visited Glengowla a few years ago, was still quite flooded and extensive bits had yet to be cleared out but it was fascinating.

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