What’s Another Rear


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Disappointed in National College of Ireland writes:

The students’ union at NCI [National College of Ireland], are holding Gotcha awards, where students can vote for Best Rack, Best Rear, Most Affectionate Person (Slut), among some other lovely categories.

Someone needs to have a word with their welfare officer about how inappropriate it is to encourage students to objectify and slut-shame their fellow students.

National College of Ireland Students’ Union (Facebook)

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25 thoughts on “What’s Another Rear

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      A lot can happen in five years though, it’s probably rubbing out your footprints at this stage….

  1. Paul Davis

    Would a true slut not revel in notoriety?

    Don’t force your ideals on people!

    Any it’s important for the guys in the college to know…

  2. Advertising On Police Cars

    Just retreat into your campus designated “Safe Zone”,,, nothing can hurt you there.

    If it were for ” Best transgender rear” would that be ok?

  3. Hank

    There are very few things I find offensive but people who use the term “slut shaming” always jar on me.

    1. Nigeli

      Wow they should really take that into account and show you some flipping consideration shouldn’t they?

  4. Martin

    maybe it’s “slut-celebration”, which is what most of these people crying about “slut-shaming” seem to be offering as a counter-point.

  5. Cloud

    It’s worth noting that post has been on their facebook page since yesterday, yet has 4 likes and no comments.

    Probably best to move along.

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