7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Stairway

  1. rotide

    Led Zeppelin shamelessly ripped off a lot of stuff, this one is one of the least similar sound-a-likes they did. Mind you at the time, all blues acts were at this sort of thing, they just committed the sin of becoming succesful.

    Can’t help but get a whiff of ambulance chasing off this though as clearly there was some sort of statute of limitations fast one pulled to try and get a pay day out of it.

  2. Sam

    There’s a lawyer who knows..
    That there’s plenty of gold
    If Zep stole part of Stairway to Heaven
    If the case is so strong..
    that they copied a song
    Then the royalties will follow soon after…

    And it makes me wonder…

  3. Peter81

    There’s always been pilfering, every successful artist is guilty of it. These court cases have surfaced more and more as 60’s musicians get older and medical bills start to rise (though I don’t know if that’s the specific case here). I say let them have it. Its close enough to prove wholesale lifting and Page can afford it.

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