21 thoughts on “Romance Is Dead

  1. Funster Fionnanánn

    People are the worst. If I lived near this bridge I would be out weekly with my bolt cutters.

    Keep your locks on your property you poohawk.

    *waits for idiotic poo replacement moderator*

    1. Pietr

      I find it more satisfying to lock my own little padlock onto one that’s there already. I like to think of how two young lovers will return a few months later and find that all this time without even knowing it they’ve been involved in a three-way relationship with a middle-aged Polish man called Pietr. I like to think they feel their relationship has been suitably defiled and sullied.

  2. Christopher

    I walk across this bridge twice a day and I don’t know what ruins in more- the countless idiotic ugly padlocks or the 2-3 beggars at all times.

      1. Dhaughton99

        Remember, not all beggars need the money. I know of 2 females that ply their trade around Grafton and Wicklow st and there ain’t no babies in the buggies they push.

        1. ahyeah

          What?!?!?! This is some seriously ground-breaking stuff right here. Are you saying that some people who ask for change on the street exaggerate their need in an effort to exploit people’s sympathy?

          1. Dhaughton99

            No, but targeting old people outside the church down the lane way at Grafton street is pretty exploitative.

          2. ahyeah

            Ha! If I wanted to target people that had empathy, humanity and charity in their characters, I wouldn’t be hanging around a church.

  3. munkifisht

    Needs to be recognised that this is a serious problem. The bridge is a national landmark and these locks (symbols of the moronic) are highly damaging. Not only do they add weight, but they also chip paint leading to rusting. By the looks of things, it hasn’t gotten out of hand and would take someone capped crusader two seconds with a cordless angle grinder to remove the lot. We have a capital full of bike thieves, surely one of them has an ounce of civic pride.

    I also don’t recall seeing any signage up around the ha’penny asking people not to do this. The DCC should be doing something to prevent this from happening, some signs would be the least they could do.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I suggest they build a metal lock ‘tree’ nearby with branches and the locks can go on as ‘leaves’.

  4. Skeptik

    Elsewhere in the country, anything metal that doesn’t move is being ripped out and sold for scrap by mobile scrotes. If only the twain should meet..

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