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  1. some old queen

    Interesting how much British pride there is their NHS to even become a topic in Brexit yet in Ireland, the words ‘National Health Service’ does not appear in the media… ever.

    1. Colm

      very good point. I think it’s because the concept has been subsumed into the identity of the HSE which is a toxic brand. So we don’t even have a national health service to get behind because when we think Health Service we think HSE. Bureacracy. And then we refer vaguely to the heroes, the doctors, nurses and front line staff. But good administration should be a heroic job too.

      1. some old queen

        Personally I think there is a political bias against the Irish NHS in nearly all of the media. A week or so ago there were headlines all over the place saying that we were the second highest spenders on health. What was deliberately omitted was most of that spend is on private health care which is completely disproportionate to the level of service provided.

        In plain English, the Irish private health system is way less efficient than the nation one. Nowhere will you read that comparative to the UK, the Irish spend on NHS is very low or that in the OECD league table, Ireland is way down the bottom.

        1. rory

          @same old queen
          I didn’t know any of that.
          If you could recommend any links/articles about what you said there, it would be very much appreciated.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    The Examiner. I see three more rousing cheers are in order for JobBridge Joan and her slavery racket. Just think folks we may be getting another five years of these poobags. To the barricades, lads?

  3. Flim

    Sad there is an Irish guy being held in Iraq. You have to ask yourself, why was he fighting ISIL in the first place?

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