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  1. Panty Christ

    Burtons pr attempting to soften up public to possibility of labour backing FG by replying to nonsense segment on late late show a full 50 days ago. The pity me card.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Nice try Joan, but no cigar. I had been a lifelong Labour voter, who will never vote Labour again until the Augean stable is cleaned out and a new party emerges. i e, that means I want to see the back of you, Howlin, Gimmeemore, and every last traitor who has brought about the destruction of this party.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Nice comment Sheik, have a cigar.

        Someone I know used to think that YOU were ME, using a different name.
        I cannot think of a higher compliment to pay to you, although the accusation of me doing something so under-handed still stings a bit. I’ll get over it.

        Keep up the good work.
        You’re alright, you Lefty!!!!!

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Where’s Frilly when you want to say something nice to her?

          My work schedule always prevents me from participating in Frilly’s Fridays when it’s ‘alive’. I always get there the next day.

          I genuinely feel bad for not being there to support her.
          Some people on this site ought to be ashamed of how they treated her.

          Yes, the language may have been obtuse at times, but the sentiment was REAL.
          The passion was REAL.
          The effort was REAL.
          But there was love in it too. More than that, it wasn’t just moaning.

          FRILLY, I LOVE YOU.
          You don’t let the B’s grind you down.
          Catherine McEntee loves you too, I think…hang on, let me ask her…

          1. Frilly Keane

            Don’t worry about me Batty
            I’m sound

            They didn’t want to run the Frill-Bit I sent them

            For the record
            I have no problem with commentary
            Good Bad Ugly
            Whatever the flavour

            It’s the best bit

            Maybe that girl Mullannie doesn’t like been spoken back at
            Which suggests sum’ting very different altogether

            The more the merrier wi’me

  2. Catherine McEntee

    Frilly, I think you’re great.
    -And it can’t be just me and him!

    Stay strong!

    1. Frilly Keane

      Sur I’ve no problem
      I sent them in sum’ting

      They didn’t want it
      Their gaff
      Their rules

        1. Frilly Keane

          T’waddent about Brolly at all
          And couldn’t have bin’ any further from The Sunday Game

          Sur that contrary bollix and me go back to the GAA Board days.

          That Nordie crowd and me understand each other.

          Tis the D2 photo op fabulous supposedly hipster glossy crowd who turn up for the launch of a new bin liner that have the problem.

          1. Frilly Keane


            As far as I remember they were only replies to Meaty

            Well. Their gaff. Their rules.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I don’t understand how they could pull your piece and leave that other tit LJG. I rather enjoy trying to figure out what you are saying and love a good recipe.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Janet, I hope you don’t mind me asking but what IS your avatar?

      Is it a motorbike?
      Is it two rabbits fighting with a frog?
      Is it what’s left over when you try to eat two kebabs in the same night?
      Is it the view from your bedroom window?
      Is it just a ‘selfie’?

      If my eyesight was better I’d be able to make brilliant avatars.
      I’d make one for you, for free. First.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        You are clearly a city boy ( and that’s OK ) that’s a before picture of dinner, preferably marinated in Colombo spices and cook down a long time. While one is waiting you drink Rum. Thanks for the kind invitation to make me an avatar but I’m a control freak and couldn’t possibly let you choose my dress.

  3. Cromuel

    O’Leary wants to bring in Russian oligarchs to Ireland. Why? (And don’t we already have the Russian mafia running brothels on the site of what used to be Monto?)

      1. martco

        true although arguably the brits really needed a bollix like him in charge at the time….although a little known Irish fella called Brendan Bracken played a large part in helping oil the wheels when it came to convincing the yanks to get involved in Europe…there was a really good documentary shown about him on Discovery couple of years back worth a look

        1. classter

          He is still fairly well known over yonder.

          He founded the FT & published the Economist for a time.

          He was allegedly Orwell’s inspiration for the O’Brien character in 1984.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Bracken was some cute hoor – nicknamed Churchill’s adopted son. I actually admire his dedication to his career.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Check out their history a few hundred years afore that in providing the Spanish with African slaves from Bristol and Liverpool. You’ll find the origins of Barclays Bank in this murky times.

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