Surfin’ Safari


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Mulranny Beach, Mayo.

Jim O’Callaghan writes:

Went down for a jog on the beach last evening. Could not believe what I saw. !  Barnacle geese all the way from Greenland. They are born in Greenland and because it’s too cold there ,they come to Ireland for the winter.

On the way ,they stop off in Iceland for refreshments . 2,500 of them winter on Inishkea Islands ( means Goose Islands) just behind Achill’s  Slievemore More . These ones came over to Mulranny for a spin. In my second photo,  you can see them learning to surf the little waves !!!

11 thoughts on “Surfin’ Safari

      1. Shorter

        Err have a look in any bird id guide. Barnacle have mainly white face, silvery back, more lightly to be found on grassland. Brent very happy on the seashore.

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          Ah, the internet. The only place you’ll find people one upping each other over geese. When really everyone knows you should be giving out about them being illegal immigrants.

  1. Emily

    Sorry it’s actually my Dad who was there and took these and I gave the wrong details theyre not goose barnacles apologies! Technical glitches. .. it is Monday after all. See post from last year about actual Goose Barnacles!

    1. Emily O'Callaghan

      I’m glad you brought this up Kieran. Been hoping someone would. We have the signed (winged) waivers right here. What’s your fax number?

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