Cinema History X



He’s back.

Video editor, remix artist  Steve Collender (previously) writes:

The final X-Men movie is coming out next month. As a tribute to the franchise I’ve combined all of the X-Men movies into one epic music video (I left out X-Men 3 because it was the only bad one…).

The video features over 30 X-Men characters spanning 15 years in 3 minutes, with the action syncing up to the song Capital M-E by Taking Back Sunday.



The ’00s emo outfit in question show their love.

Steve Collender

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4 thoughts on “Cinema History X

  1. Funster Fionnanánn

    Oh that’s really clever. Cause you can hear the bit where the singers says back and then the video is edited just correctly and perfectly at the right time to show a back!! And then, wait for it, the singer of the song sings the word tongue and you guessed it, tongue. An actual scene from an x people movie with a tongue being extended.

    It’s very clever.

    And I’m only jealous.

    And the way the screen becomes all these annoying boxes. Wowee.

    Queen should use him for their next music video.

  2. Jack D

    I think Steve doesn’t quite understand the Hollywood movie industry when he writes:
    “the final X-Men movie”

    There will always be another X-Men movie, especially if people go see this one.

    Lovely video though…

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