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He’s back. And as per the still-active Facebook of now-defunct no-wave legends Sonic Youth, run by member Lee Ranaldo, he’s done quite the job of it.

Steve Collender, video editor and pop-culture reappropriator, released this retake of Twin Peaks a while back, set to Sonic Youth’s Superstar, and it’s a damn fine cup of coffee.

Steve Collender


He’s at it again.

To mark the 45th anniversary of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, ‘sheet fave Steve Collender has done another movie re-edit, this time as a video for an underappreciated post-hardcore tune.

Sez Steve:

“The 1971 classic recut as a concept video, where the chocolate factory is a fantasy in Charlie’s head.”

Meanwhile, on Funeral for a Friend’s somehow still-inhabited social media (having broke up earlier this year)…


…Always manages it somehow.

The children’s classic was re-released to cinemas in the States as a one-day only event yesterday.


He’s back.

Video editor, remix artist  Steve Collender (previously) writes:

The final X-Men movie is coming out next month. As a tribute to the franchise I’ve combined all of the X-Men movies into one epic music video (I left out X-Men 3 because it was the only bad one…).

The video features over 30 X-Men characters spanning 15 years in 3 minutes, with the action syncing up to the song Capital M-E by Taking Back Sunday.



The ’00s emo outfit in question show their love.

Steve Collender

THE BREAKFAST CLUB, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, 1985. ©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Dublin-based remix artist/editor Steve Collender strikes again.

This time reimagining teen classic The Breakfast Club (1985) as a concept video for Arcade Fire’s We Used To Wait.

Footage from the movie is intercut with clips of the five actors in later life.

Sez Steve:

Fans of the movie know it’s all set on one day – March 24, which is next Thursday. I’ll be promoting it like mad in the run up to that day. Please take 5 minutes to watch and share it around if you enjoy!

So do that if you’re so inclined.

One of the gang already has:


OUTSTANDING in any capacity.