13 thoughts on “The M25 Blues

  1. Spud1

    What level of skobiness would do this for fupp sake?
    The mind boggles…

    Is this an isolated incident or have other ‘paint attacks’ been reported?

  2. Cromuel

    Same kind of idiot that uses lasers to blind pilots. Endangered that driver’s and other drivers’ lives, and cost at thousands of euros to take the truck off the road and clean it. Fool.

  3. Disasta

    Midleton is full of scumbags. Every night you hear the little boy racers booting around the town. Every morning you see new tire marks on the road from the dopes driving like lunatics the night previous.Their McDonalds cups/bags etc on the road from being thrown out the window of the car.

    Plus the town is literally covered in dog crap.

    Finally its like the epitome of bad town planning and developer greed.

    1. Clo

      I don’t agree. Midleton has its share of scumbags, as this attack indicates, but as medium-sized towns go it’s generally rather a pleasant place. Yes, there are a couple of awful blights on the townscape, such as that ludicrous multi-storey carpark by the distillery, and the retail park where tesco is, but mostly the fabric of the 18th-century main street has been retained quite nicely. I’ve noticed dog crap alright, but generally the town is clean and tidy.

  4. Owen

    This is a new level of stupidity by the scum of Ireland. We need to start putting birth control in dutch gold and devils bit. Ween these inbreeds out of society.

        1. rory

          In my defence; when a person says that a certain class of ‘scum’ should be prevented from reproducing, the #killthepoor hashtag is perhaps more effective in evoking their mentality.
          Then again, I may have been presumptuous.

          1. Owen

            Nobody said anything about them being poor. I said “Ween these inbreeds out of society”. You’ve made the assumption they were poor.

            Doddy and mummy in Foxrock / Midleton could be the parents. Its just unlikely the Mendoza valley will accommodate my theory as quick as Dutch Gold might.

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