18 thoughts on “A Big Case

  1. A Taxpayer

    The body language of Gardai in public screams unprofessionalism. Hands in pockets, huddled together facing each other, eyes on the ground, baggy uniforms that make them look like jabba the hutt etc.

      1. A Taxpayer

        They should look like they have a job to do and not just hanging around having the chats.

        1. Lordblessusandsaveus

          I agree. They’re sloppy and slouchy and look like bored teens half the time. They are a rank based organisation and should display discipline and respect for the public.

  2. kellma

    Jeez, give them a break. I guess they didn’t realise they were going to be on BS or they would have done the slimming side poses…. I would guess they are a bit apprehensive about what is going to be in the suitcase. I don’t imagine these are helping the lost and found section of Dublin airport somehow….

  3. Funster Fionnanánn

    Gardai uniforms are rubbish though. That’s fair comment. Baggy, dull, old fashioned and those ties? Odd.

    As professional uniforms go in the world they aren’t great.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Just read up on the Scissor Sisters – they’re still locked up so it wasn’t them.

    1. Skeptik

      The guy with the angle grinder was the latest canal enthusiast. Remanded, pending trial I believe.

  5. sycamoreal

    I used to slag CSI balbriggan, until they caught yer man for murder. still not as sexy as the TV version.

  6. Al Jeers

    Is there a spate of theses kind of er…cases? There’s one on the bank beside Robert Emmet bridge too…

  7. RunDemCrew

    Bottom line is most bean gardaí are fat, ugly, unfit and simply don’t have the body shape to carry decently cut clothes.

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