No Crow Area



Magpie-Crow nest stand-off, April 5


Fresh magpie nestage this morning.

Michael O’R writes:

You may recall that a few weeks back I sent you a picture of a stand off between a pair of magpies and a grey crow outside my window. Well I thought I would share an update for people to enjoy a few idle minutes on.

The stand off continued for several more days, with the magpies starting to build the nest, and the crow coming, dismantling it and chasing the smaller corvids away.

Since Monday this week though I noticed that the pair have abandoned that tree and have established themselves in another. The new nest is well along.

What interests me is that the trees are both in the same courtyard, but no sign of the grey crow. So I am not sure why it objected to the first tree. Maybe it was just being a bully, who knows.

I am enjoying the spectacle in between having to do things my employer calls “work” as this is the first time I have watched a nest being built directly….

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19 thoughts on “No Crow Area

  1. Starina

    loving this. More updates if the crow comes back, please! Corvids are such smart, loveable dicks.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I am waiting for the nest warming when they invite all their friends. It’ll be murder… :)

  3. Gers

    I dont recall no. City man sees birds making nest for the first time, is that it? Awwwww, cute.

    1. Michael O'R

      Nope, not a city man – just working in one. And I have seen it before, but never so directly as it is just a few feet outside my window and and a bit below so I have a great perspective. I normally have only seen it on television or similar from this angle.

      1. jack johnson

        Television ?? It’s a magpie, hardly an Attenborough moment – calm the f^&k down there man

        1. Michael O'R

          Actually it was on either Amuigh Faoin Spéar or To The Waters and The Wild that I saw the magpie nest being built. But what I was referring to was nest building in general. And while they may not be exotic birds, I must admit I find magpies and the corvid family in general fascinating :)

  4. Smashmouth

    Saw a pair of crows gang up on a pigeon the other day. Pecked it to death

    ‘Twas cool

  5. Liam Deliverance

    Hey Michael, I’m a fan of the Magpies myself. Have a pair in my back garden who you will never see just sitting around, always some work to be done, nesting or foraging or what not. If they could just stop running off with my fat balls that would be great. Maybe the original nest was in line of sight from the crows nest and he couldn’t stand to see them effing around every day, I dunno really! :-)

  6. Ger Nalist

    What a great metaphor for our homelessness/housing crisis.

    Or not

    Whatever you think yourself

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