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    1. rotide

      He pays all his income tax.

      I think you are referring to U2 and their illustration of Michael O’Learys point from yesterday.

          1. rotide

            Which ones that weren’t collected? He pays his income tax here.

            His business, which earns it’s money globally, is based in Holland and pays it’s taxes in Holland.

          2. classter

            I don;t love how U2’s company is based in the Netherlands for tax purposes but we can hardly complain given that we encourage corporate entities to locate here, with tax being part of the inducement.

            I undertsood that he paid his income tax in Ireland.

  1. Punches Pilot

    Completely illegal. Garage plates can not be used as a registration number, only as a method of motor tax cover, despite what is commonly believed. Any unregistered vehicle is simply not permitted to drive on the road and must be moved by transporter. This is a regularly flaunted law. That and the fact that the garage plates are not green (legally obliged to be as issued by the DOE) just finishes off the infringement. Easy pickings for any cop really.

    1. AshbourneFanny

      Like the one grinning away in the background in the second photo? Sure he’s just happy to rub shoulders with the new royalty, the law doesn’t apply to millionaire tax exiles.

  2. Harry Molloy

    ah now…

    Does Broadsheet want to encourage the presence of the pap outside peoples funerals?

  3. Cloud

    Did ye not notice he’s getting out the passenger side…maybe it’s his best friend’s ride.

  4. The People's Hero

    John Garvin Evans. The deceased name. But then I suppose in your giddy excitement for some Bono related click baiting, you never bothered etc…..

  5. Tish Mahorey

    Tut tut, illegal dealer plates. Should be white on green. Maybe the car dealership drove him there. But that would also be illegal.

    Nice car though.

  6. kingo

    i know a judge who drives around in a car with yellow plates. laws and taxes Are for little people.

    1. The People's Hero

      Not even the decency to get the man’s name right…

      It’s this sorta stuff that shows yis up for the chancers that yis are…..

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