Take Them To The River



Further to yesterday’s query regarding the location of the photo (above) used to promote The Commitments (1991).

We contacted the photographer David Appleby.

David forwarded it to The Commitments director Alan Parker. Alan forwarded it to his wife and assistant Lisa.

Lisa Moran Parker writes:

 According to our files it was shot in Bond Street, behind the Guinness brewery….

The southside!


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Thanks Luke Brennan

9 thoughts on “Take Them To The River

  1. Harry Molloy

    Was driving my folks past the IFSC recently and it had me thinking what a different place Dublin was when The Commitments was being filmed. Was a bit of a kip in fairness. It;s great now though

    1. Donger

      Yeah, it’s fab now. Sure there was only the one murder in Noctor’s pub last week. Things are looking up

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I agree. But there was something charming about the rough and tough nature of Dublin in 1990. The Georgian buildings were all black with soot and nobody had a bean nor too many ‘notions’.

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