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Ken Foxe tweetz:

More “private papers” – refusal of diary for ex-Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett. There will be lots more of these now…

Previously: “Quietly Introduced On The Final Sitting Day Of The Dáil Last Year”

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5 thoughts on “More Privacy

  1. Jeff Rudd

    Tip of the iceberg stuff. This is only the start.

    The last days in office of the FG & Labour parties – when they rushed through Dail secrecy laws, is now having its effect. More state documents re-classified now as “private papers”.
    Our politicians will be far less, even more accountable to the people, their supposed employers. They will be able to get away with a lot more. If you think the last decades were bad – now that they have more secrecy – they are really going to go to town!
    The too docile of this country accepting this can’t say they were not warned.

    1. Harry Molloy

      Hi Jeff!

      Delighted to see you here, I’ve been following your party for some time. You’ve been through considerable trials and tribulations, and it’s a shame it happened just before the election. Cursed by caring too much as your time in DDI will evidence!!

      I hope you’d consider running if there is another election called.

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