Start Making Census



Journalist William Campbell (above) tackles Sunday’s Census 2016 in the latest episode of his excellent Here’s How current affairs podcast series.

William chats with Tony Downes, of Census Publicity at the Central Statistics Office, about the religious portions of the census and asks: “Do you know what a leading question is?”


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4 thoughts on “Start Making Census

  1. Anne

    I’m gonna feel like a bit of a heathen when I tick ‘no religion’… I think it’s the Catholic guilt thing..

  2. bisted

    …in fairness, the guy from CSO seemed genuinely embarassed at how biased this question is

  3. wearnicehats

    I’m tempted to put “God and Man” before “No religion” and then “God and Man” afterwards

    But then I just don’t believe in modern love

    Filled mine out 2 weeks ago – rebel or WHAT

  4. Turgenev

    CSO? Isn’t it CACI, the company that was involved in Abu Ghraib torture, that’s doing the census?

    If you’re filling out your details for them, you could enter ‘Rationalist’ under religion.

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